Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th October 2020 Written Update: Hark and Sant unite to find Virat

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sindhu calls Parmeet and tells that Virat has jumped from the hill. As soon as Parmeet gets this information, she shouts the name of Virat loudly and comes in a position to lose her senses.

 Sant and the rest are surprised to see Parmeet’s behavior and ask her what happened after which she called Virat’s name in such a distracted tone. Parmeet tells them trembling that Virat jumped from the hill.

Sant is shocked to hear this and he calls his department to investigate it. He gives comfort to Parmeet, saying that she need not worry he will find out things very soon. Heer says that she also wants to die with Virat.

Mahi tries to calm down Heer by saying that at least think about them. Mahi tells her not to take such a step for Soumya. Heer says that fine she will not jump but she will definitely find out about Virat. Preeto remembers Soumya seeing Heer’s condition because once Soumya also tried to do all this for Harman.

Harak tells Preeto that like his son Virat also will not come from this abyss. Preeto ask Harak not to say such things. Harak asks where is Heer. Preeto says that she has been searching for Virat and they should also go with her. They follow Heer. Daljeet says that this news is true that Virat has jumped from hill.

Parmeet’s condition worsens after hearing this news. Sant calls his police force and asks them to find Virat. Parmeet says that she will also go with Sant and his police force. Simran tries to pacify Parmeet. She says Daljeet and Sant will find Virat soon. Gurminder prays to God for the safety of Virat.

Shano, seeing the smoke coming from Soham’s room and thinks how it is coming. She goes to check Soham’s room and is shocked to see Soham doing havan and asks what he is doing. Soham tells her that he has come to meet his father in jail and that his condition is very bad so he is doing this havan so that he can remove his father’s suffering.

And says that but soon he will take revenge on Harak and Preeto and make his father’s heart relaxed. He tells Shaano that Preeto, Harak and Soumya had turned him against his father in his childhood but now that he has come to know their truth, he will not be relieved until Harak and Preeto get the punishment of their deeds. Shaano appreciates his decision.

Further, Soham tells Shaano that Heera’s protector Virat has jumped into the ditch. And now that a defender of Heer has been reduced his work has become even easier. Shaano laughs at this and says that Heer turns out to be more dangerous than Soumya who swallows his love even quicker than Soumya.

Heer goes to the trench. Sant and Daljeet also try to find Virat. Shaano and Soham have sweet in the happiness of Virat’s death. Rohan feels disappointed to see this.

In the forest, Heer sees a person like Virat and thinks that he is Virat, her heart feels a little comforted that Virat is safe. But soon she comes to know that he is not Virat but someone else. Heer breaks down and only remembers Virat and his proposal.

Preeto says that they have discovered as much as they can but now when Virat cannot be found, they should go. Heer says if she wants to go then she can go but she will not go anywhere without finding Virat. Sant comes there.

 He tells Harak that if anything happens to his son he will not leave them. Heer says what are you talking, nothing will happen to Virat, he will come back soon. Heer adds that Sant should devote all his force to find Virat.

Harak tells Sant that right now they should only focus on Virat and as soon as any news related Virat comes just let him know too. Sant nodes in yes and leaves. Parmeet says that if Virat loves Heer so much that he can jump into the abyss for her, then she is ready to get Virat married to Heer. Sait comes home, Parmeet asks if Virat was found. Sant says not yes. Parmeet starts crying.  Episode end.

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