Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th September 2019 Written Update: Heer becomes bride!

Today’s episode starts with Rohan and Soham calling out for Preeto. Soham informs Preeto that tomorrow there is fancy dress competition in the school. Saumya ask who will become what.

Rohan says he will become police, Soham says he will become goon. Saumya ask what Heer wants to become?

Heer says to Preeto that in a school fancy dress she wants to become bride. Saumya recalls her childhood. Preeto stands shocked.

Preeto gets angry on Heer and says she will not become bride. Heer says to Saumya that she wants to become bride. Mahi ask Saumya to tell Heer and don’t lie else she won’t be able to trust her ever. Rohan and Soham insist Preeto to let Heer become bride.

Preeto says no and gestures to go. Heer says to Preeto if Harman would have been here than she wouldn’t have said no to her. Preeto stops. Heer prays to God to return her father. Harak allows Heer to become the bride. Preeto refuses,   Saumya ask Preeto to allow Heer to become bride.

Heer gives kiss to Saumya. Saumya kisses Heer back. Heer ask Preeto to allow her.

Heer ask Saumya to come with her for shopping. Saumya ask Preeto to take Heer for the shopping. Mahi ask Saumya why she is destroying Heer’s life by giving her false hopes. Saumya says she can do anything for Heer’s happiness.

Preeto takes Rohan, Soham and Heer for the shopping. Heer sees magic show stall and insist Rohan to take her there. Preeto gets busy on call. Heer goes to see Magic show.

Preeto turns back and panics seeing kids not there with her. Rohan and Soham looks for Heer in the crowd. Rohan and Soham realize Heer is not there with them.

Rohan, Soham, Preeto looks for Heer. Heer gets lost in seeing in the magic show. Preeto meets with Rohan and Soham and scolds them for leaving her hand.

Police comes and scolds magician for gathering the crowd. He further ask people to move on. Heer calls out for Rohan and Soham.

Vedant hears Heer’s voice and looks at her. Vedant thinks Heer will be the medium for him to reach Saumya. Preeto, Soham and Rohan come to the spot and see no one there. A man out there says police asked magician to pull off his stall.

Preeto calls Saumya and ask her about Heer. She informs Saumya that Heer is found nowhere. Saumya says she is coming. She informs Harak that Heer is lost. Harak tells to Saumya that Vedant has run away from jail. Saumya stands shocked. She recalls the flashback and Vedant’s last word.

Saumya rushes to find Heer. Heer calls out for Rohan, Soham and Preeto. Vedant follows Heer. Mallika and other kinnars see Vedant. She asks them to catch Vedant. Vedant runs away.

Heer recalls Saumya’s word. Saumya in flashback tells to Heer that if ever she is lost than she should wait for her in the temple. Heer hears temple bells.

Saumya ask a man is there any temple around. Saumya goes inside the temple and looks for Heer. She prays to God to return Heer. Heer hears Saumya’s voice and runs towards her. Saumya gets happy and hugs her. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Saumya scolds Rohan and Soham for leaving Heer’s hand. She says from past 5 years she is teaching only one thing to them to never leave Heer’s hand. Saumya gives punishment Rohan and Soham .