Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 13th August 2019 Written Update: Vedant drags Saumya to the temple to marry her!

Episode starts with Mr. Bansal says to rekha that Vedant and Saumya is happy with each other.

Rekha speaks against Saumya. Vedant ask Rekha not to insult Saumya. Rekha yells back at Vedant for marrying a trans-gender.

Rekha holds Saumya’s hand to throw her out. Vedant stops her and says Saumya will not go anywhere. Rekha says than she’ll go from the house. Rekha breaks all the ties with the Bansals. Mr. Bansal ask Vedant to stop Rekha.

Vedant calls the decoraters and ask them to decorate the house. Rekha packs her stuff. Mr. Bansal goes to Rekha and tries to explain her.

Chameli ask Mallika what is going inside. Mallika says they can only wait till the wedding happens.

Harman talks with Mahi. Mahi ask Harman did he have Saumya’s video. Harman shows Mahi Saumya’s video.

Rekha takes Rohan. Rohan ask Saumya to stop Rekha. Rekha drags Rohan and ask him to come with her. She pushes Saumya. Vedant catches Saumya.

Vedant ask Rekha to stop for Bansal’s sake. Rekha says she’ll call Bansal at her place. Rekha goes away. Mallika thinks Rekha went in anger.

Mahi and Harman talk about Saumya. Mahi gets emotional. Harman shows more video of him and Saumya.

Shanno call Mahi and Mahi goes away. Harman too comes along with Mahi. Mahi praises Suamya. Singh family stands shocked.

Ravi taunts Mahi and says did she is trying to become Saumya. Mahi gives a befitted reply to Ravi and goes away.

Vedant ask Bansal who told Rekha about Saumya’s identity. He doubts on Saumya.

Vedant blackmails Saumya and ask her to stop playing games. Saumya says everything can’t fall like the way he wants. She asks Vedant to leave his stubbornness.

Rohan cries and Rekha ask Rohan to stop crying. Rekha recalls Vedant’s word. Her car met with an accident.

Mr. Bansal, Vedant and Saumya rushes to the hospital. Doctor asks them to come with him.

Doctor shows the dead body to them. It’s Rekha. Mr. Bansal gets teary and calls Rekha.

Saumya and Vedant cry too. Doctor unveils Rohan’s father’s body and goes to take out sheet from the third body. Saumya recalls Rohan’s word. The third body was of their driver. Saumya ask doctor about Rohan.

Harman gets restless. Mahi ask what happened. Harman tells her that Saumya is not well and she is crying. He can feel that because he is feeling anxious. Singh family looks at Harman shockingly.

Doctor tells them only Rohan he saved. Saumya runs to meet Rohan. Harman ask his family not to stare him, as he is not going to meet her. He says they promised each other to never meet each other.

Saumya goes to Rohan and cries seeing him. Harman’s restlessness continues. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vedant marries Saumya forcefully. Harman rushes to save Saumya. Harman reaches to the temple but Vedant goons beat him up. Priest asks Vedant and Saumya to stand up for taking wedding rounds.