Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 13th August 2020 Written Update: New girl Isha comforts Heer

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 13th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat comes into a room and thinks why no one has not come yet? Then someone switched on the lights and Virat is surprised to see the decorated room.  Then Jharana comes to Virat with a rose flower in her hand.  And sitting on her knees , she tells Virat that she loves him.  Heer comes there and sees all this.  Heer remembers how she proposed Virat.  Jharana asks Virat for an answer.  Virat looks at her strangely. 

Then all the students come there and ask Virat to accept the proposal of Jharana.  Everyone says that Virat and Heer are separated anyway and that Virat should accept Jharana.  Jharana thinks how she gave everyone some expensive gifts and everyone agreed to help her.  Jharana then asks if he also loves her.  Everyone  insists Virat  to say yes and accept Jharana. 

Further, Virat says yes only because he wants to hurt Heer.  Jharana becomes happy and hugs Virat.  Heer is sad to see all this.  That’s when their teacher comes and asks Virat what is all this.  Virat says this is the beginning of a new relationship between him and Jharana.  The teacher looks at Heer.  Heer concentrates on her work and tells the teacher that they made 1000 of masks and now they should focus on the process ahead.  The teacher says that he will set up another team for this.  Heer then leaves, Jharana starts to follow her but Virat stops her.

Heer is filling water in her bottle and is thinking about Virat and Jharana.  Heer remembers the sweet talk of Virat.  Heer asks why Virat did this to her?  And why did he say yes to Jharana.  Heer starts to crying while a girl comes and calms her down.  The girl says that her name is Isha and that the NGO belongs to her father.  Isha tells Heer how her friends betrayal her for the new mobile phones and tabs and became in favor of Jharana.  Isha says that if she doesn’t have faith in her then she can go and check herself.  Heer is shocked.  Isha gives Heer her belongings and tells her to become stronger.  Isha says that now they should go inside. 

Ahead, Parmeet gets a call from Jharana and she informs her that Virat has accepted her.  Parmeet is happy.  Parmeet calls everyone.  Sant asks what happened?  Parmeet tells him everything.  Gurminder gets shocked.  Everyone else becomes happy.  Parmeet asks Sant to organize a party.  Parmeet says that she will take a big decision in the party. In college,  Heer comes in and finds Virat in front of her and thinks that she will keep Virat out of here.

Gurminder worships God and says that Jharana is not the right girl and God must stop it from happening.  Other side, Preeto and Harak are preparing for the Janmashatmi festival .  The atmosphere of the house is pleasant.  Soham walks out of the house to search for the truth and decides that he will find out all before Janmashtami Puja start.  In college, Isha gives sandwiches to Heer .  Jharana snatches that sandwich.  And eats sandwiches with Virat to annoy Heer.