Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 13th January 2021 Written Update: Virat beats some men in order to express his love for Heer

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat recalling Heer’s way of collecting money. Angel takes Heer to a function where some men are dancing. Angel says Heer’s magic will work in front of these people. Seeing Heer’s hesitation She tells her that the way you were asking for money from Virat, here also you do it that way by showing your dance. Angel says they seem like rich people, we bargain a lot while we start collecting money. She tells Heer to collect 21 thousand rupees atleast from them. Heer starts recalling her past experiences regarding kinnars.

She gets emotional. Those men ask Heer are you a dancer? Heer starts clapping and says I want nek from you all as I am a kinnar. They start laughing at Heer. They say you don’t look like a kinnar. They tell her to dance. Heer looks embarrassed. She starts dancing but they don’t seem impressed with her dancing. They say this is not a kinnar’s style of dancing.

Angel gets angry and she slaps Heer infront of everyone. She says you have forgotten whatever I taught you. Like this they wont give you money. She tells them that we dont dance on this type of song. So she tells Shyam to play the dhol. Heer with a heavy heart somehow dances like a kinnar. The men start giving her money but they are not fully convinced. They tell that Heer doesn’t look like a kinnar also.

Her dancing style is not like them. Angel again loses her temper and she shows Heer how to dance. Heer sees her and collects money from the men. Angel tells her not to agree if they give her below 21 thousand. One of them says to Heer that she is so beautiful. If she was not a kinnar he would have been really impressed. Virat comes and beats him. He gets angry and says first try to respect each and every human being. Kinnars are also human. They have emotions. Kinnar can also be someone’s god.

Heer gets surprised seeing Virat. Heer asks why are following me everywhere? I have told you hundred times that this is my world. I want to fall and learn. Don’t save me like this. Don’t make things complicated for me. She leaves. Shyam says to Virat get that in your head what she said. Othewise we know other ways to stop you. Virat says i wont stop.God made you complete. But why do you have two faces? You love one kinnar and hate us as well. We may be kinnars but we are honest. Mallika sees everything and says she doesn’t understand who is right or wrong.

Heer comes to her room and starts crying. She says for how long I will keep insulting Virat like that? Why Virat is making things tough for her. She thinks hopefully someone enters Virat’s life and loves him the way he deserves to be loved. Then he will forget me.

Sant and Parmeet go to a doctor’s clinic. They say only doctor Isha can separate Virat from Heer. A lady is seen busy doing something near the aquarium. Parmeet calls her. She asks do you have appointment? She turns back. Parmeet Sant start smiling..

Episode ends

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