Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 13th September 2019 Written Update: Saumya punishes Rohan and Soham

Episode starts with Saumya crying seeing Heer. Harak comes and informs Preeto about Heer. Rohan and Soham hug Heer.

Saumya ask Rohan and Soham how they left Heer. Soham tell to Saumya what all happened at the market. Saumya asks Soham and Rohan to come with her, as today she will make them learn a good lesson.

Saumya scolds Rohan and Soham for leaving Heer’s hand for the magic show. She says from past five years she is making them understand only one thing that they will never leave Heer’s hand. Soham says sorry but Saumya scolds him. Heer comes and ask Saumya not to scold them. Preeto too comes and ask Saumya to excuse them. Saumya ask Preeto not to stop her as it is necessary to teach them a lesson.

Shanno says Saumya to join drama company, as she keeps doing drama by showing none care for Heer more than her. Saumya ignores.

Heer ask Saumya to excuse Rohan and Soham. Saumya gives teddy bear to Rohan and Soham and ask them stand holding it whole night.  Saumya comes to the room. Mahi comes and says she is teaching half lesson to the children. She should have told Rohan and Soham that Heer is kinnar than they would have decided whether to hold her hand or not. Saumya gives a befitted reply to Mahi. Preeto comes and ask Mahi to go and look after kitchen, Saumya tells to Preeto whatever she is doing with Rohan and Soham, it is for their benefit, as they have to be Heer’s protector in future.

Heer comes to Saumya and says Rohan and Soham might be hungry and if they will not eat than she too will not eat. She asks Heer to go and sleep.

Heer goes to Rohan and Soham and ask are they going to stand like this whole night. Rohan says yes. Heer ask than why they are holding teddy. She keeps teddy aside and ask them to hold her hand. The trio stands holding each other’s hands. Saumya sees them from far (new version of Naseeba song plays).

Preeto ask Saumya to feed the children, as she is sure from now they will never leave each other’s hand. Saumya makes Rohan, Soham and Heer to eat. She talks with them.  Preeto sees them from far.

Preeto ask Rohan, Soham and Heer to go in a school uniform only, as they didn’t manage to purchase the dress for fancy dress competition. Saumya comes and ask why they are sad.

Heer says they are upset because they are not having dress to wear for the competition. Saumya says she is having their dress with her. Soham and Rohan get happy seeing their dress. Heer ask for her dress. Saumya ask her to come with her.

Saumya makes Heer ready. She recalls her moment with Harman and gets teary. Heer comes down and calls for Harak and Preeto. Singh mates come and Preeto gets teary seeing her. Heer ask everyone out there how she is looking. Singh mates claps for Heer. Rohan and Soham too come, Raavi praises them. Sindhu ask Kids to come with her as they are getting late for School.

Saumya comes down. Rohan and Soham promise to Saumya that they will never leave Heer’s hand no matter what. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Rohan, Soham and Heer dances on Mahi Ve. Rohan says now they will bid farewell to Heer. Preeto yells at them and ask what they are doing. A lady out their say Heer is girl and one day she will get married. Preeto says but for her a girl’s career is more important than marriage. Heer, Rohan and Soham stands shocked.