Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 14th August 2019 Written Update: Saumya struggles to free herself from Vedant| Harman goes to save Saumya

Episode starts with Saumya crying seeing Rohan. Nurse asks her not to cry.

Vedant and Mr. Bansal comes and gets teary seeing Rohan. Doctor comes and asks Mr. Bansal to come with him to do the formalities.

Chameli discuss with Mallika about Rekha and Bansal’s. Mallika ask Chameli that they should visit Saumya. Chameli says Vedant will not let them enter.

Rohan comes to his senses and ask for his Parents. Saumya cries. Mr. Bansal comes from behind. Saumya ask Rohan to sleep. Vedant comes and says Rohan has to give fire to the dead bodies and cries.

Rohan ask about Rekha and his father. Saumya tries to divert his mind. Rohan repeatedly ask for his parents. Mr. Bansal cries and goes away.

Saumya makes a story and tells Rohan about Rekha. Rohan hugs Saumya and cries. Saumya misses Harman.

Harman worries for Saumya and gets restless. Mahi wakes up and ask Harman what happened to her. Harman share his worry with Mahi. Mahi tries to calm him down. The duo talks with each other.

Saumya ask Rohan to have food. She tries to divert Rohan’s mind. She tells Rohan that his parents are watching him and ask him to have food. Rohan eats and sleeps in Saumya’s arm. Mr.Bansal comes and sits beside Rohan. He asks Saumya to eat something too.

Saumya apologizes Mr. Bansal and cries. She blames herself for the tragedy. Mr. Bansal ask Saumya not to blame herself rather take care of Rohan.

Harman self-talk with him. Mahi comes from behind and thinks to call Saumya seeing Harman’s restlessness.

Mahi calls Saumya and ask is she fine. Saumya tells Mahi about the Rekha’s incident and cries. Mahi ask Saumya to take care of herself.

Mahi goes to Harman and tells him about Saumya. Harman ask Mahi what Saumya said. Vedant in his room recalls his moments with Saumya and Harman and thinks something.

Mahi tells to Harman about Rekha and his husband. She gives Harman the mobile and asks him to call Saumya. Harman recalls his word and says he can’t call Saumya. He gets angry on himself.

Mr. Bansal ask decorators to take out the decorations. Vedant comes from behind and says wedding will happen today only. Mr. Bansal gets angry on Vedant and ask him not to act crazy. The duo does an argument.

Vedant reveals to Mr. Bansal about his fake marriage. Mr. Bansal stands shocked.

Vedant puts Mr. Bansal at gun point and says he will marry Saumya today at the temple. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vedant forces Saumya for the marriage. Saumya struggles to free herself. Harman reaches the temple but Vedant’s goons beat him up and put fire around him. Vedant and Saumya take the wedding round.


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