Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 14th August 2020 Written Update: Soham asks for forgiveness

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 14th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Isha and Heer are laughing.  Virat goes to her and asks the reason for her laughing.  Heer says she laughs because of his antics.  Soham goes to Harak’s lawyer and ask him about Harak.  Soham says that he can give money to get this information as per his wish.  But please tell me their secrets.  The lawyer says that a lawyer does not reveal anyone’s secrets.  But can he tell who he is?  Soham says he is their grandson.

 Then the lawyer gives him the file of Harak and reveals that Harak loved his sister very much.  Soham gets emotional.  Soham then goes to the police station for questioning.  He asks the policeman about Harak and asks why Harak was arrested.  The policeman tells him that Harak had eunuchs daughter-in-law and they tried to push her into the ditch and wants to kill her.  He says Harak only live for his family.

 It is further revealed that the lawyer was none other than Rohan and the policeman was also doing what Harak had said.  Soham feels that he misunderstood Harak and Preeto.  While Harak and Preeto have done a lot for the family.

 Preeto is happy for Janmashtami festival.  Shano says Janmashtami will bring happiness in her life because what she wants will happen today.  Then Rohan comes and indicates that all is done.  Shano ignores this and starts going from there.  Preeto stops Shano and slaps her.  Everyone is shocked.  Shano gets angry.  Preeto tells Shano that her plan has gone awry.  Preeto tells Shano that she know everything about all her plans because she had CCTV installed.  The same Soham thinks how bad Shano thinks about Harak and Preeto while they are so good.

 Soham comes home and touches Harak’s feet and apologizes.  Everyone gets emotional.  Harak hugs Soham and forgives.  Everyone becomes happy.  Then Rohan asks everyone to get ready for the festival.  Ravi says let Heer come.  Then Heer comes and sees everyone happy and she too gets happy.  Meantime Shano thinks about making another plan.

 Virat and Jharana come home.  Parmeet and all congratulate them.  Parmeet informs Virat that they will first enjoy Janmashtami and then party. Everyone is ready for celebration in Virat’s house.  Jharana is taking care of the party arrangement.  Parmeet is happy with her and says that she is a very good daughter-in-law.  She then tells Jharana to bring Virat.  Jharana tells Virat to come with her.

 There Heer asks Lord Krishna to help her.  That’s when Jharana and Virat come to her house.  Heer asks why did they come here?  Virat says that he has come to make Krishnotsav with his family.  Episode ended.