Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 14th June 2021 Written Update: Preeto slaps Mahi

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 14th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat asking Angel angrily how come she is here, she should be in jail. Harman asks the same. Angel says ask Sant why he released me. I have not kidnapped Heer. She starts acting and claims she is innocent. Saumya tells Virat to ask Sant about the whole matter. Virat calls him. Parmeet tells Sant to receive Virat’s call as he has done everything for his son’s good.

Virat asks how can he release Angel when the charges were strong. Sant says there were no strong evidence against her and he can’t lock Angel up without any proof. He can’t go against law. Virat gets shocked and Sant disconnects the call. Angel tells Virat now everything is clear right? Why is he behind her when she didn’t kidnap Heer. Virat loses his cool and is about to attack Angel to get information about Heer. But Angel’s gang members stop him. Angel says Virat will have to suffer for raising hand on a kinnar.

Virat says he doesnt care. Daljeet stops Virat from hitting Angel. Virat says he didn’t know his own brother will go against his happiness. Daljeet says he won’t hear praises for loving a kinnar. Saumya tells Virat to calm down. She says they should not take any action by breaking the law. Harman says but Heer is not here because of Angel only. Saumya says police will find her and they should trust the law. She threatens Angel saying she should be thankful that they are not reacting impulsively.

Angel’s supporters would have hated her if they knew her true colors. Angel tells Saumya to come in Kinnar’s get up if she has guts to fight. Saumya says don’t force me to do that else you will be destroyed. Angel reveals she came here to stay to help the owner of the house. Owner requested her to come. Preeto says she didn’t tell anything as such. Angel says Preeto is not the one and only owner. Mahi enters in the meantime. Everyone gets shocked to see her. Mahi says she is Harman’s legal wife and she won’t go anywhere. She only brought Angel and Daljeet here as she didn’t get help from her closed ones.

Harman says how can Mahi stoop so low. Her daughter is kidnapped by Angel. She forgot that too. Harak asks Mahi how can she support Angel. Everyone starts accusing her saying she faked her goodness. She never considered them family. Mahi shouts when she was good noone valued her. She is not that stupid, she can’t share her husband with a kinnar. Preeto says Harman doesn’t consider her wife. Mahi says but the truth won’t change. She is daughter in law of the house. Mahi reveals Angel promised her to give back Heer after she gets her rightful place in the house. Angel will help her in getting her rights. Angel covers up the matter saying she only told Mahi to help her in finding Heer.

Saumya says Mahi even became enemy of Heer by striking a deal with Angel. Mahi says who are you to give me lecture? You have no relation with this family too. Heer is my daughter not yours. Saumya replies she is connected to Heer by soul. Their existence connect them. Mahi laughs at her and taunts her. Preeto says only giving birth is not enough. Saumya fulfilled her duties which Mahi didn’t. Mahi never made any connection with the family. Mahi gets angry. Angel says stop all this drama, she tells Mahi to welcome them in her house. Mahi says she doesn’t need get scared of anyone here. She can freely stay here. Angel gets happy and Mahi is about to go inside with Angel but Preeto slaps Mahi angrily. Everyone stands shocked.

Episode ends.

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