Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 15th January 2021 Written Update: Preeto gets shattered seeing Heer’s rude behavior

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 15th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Heer thinking about Virat and Shyam’s words. She is unable to sleep. She wakes up and goes outside near Virat. Virat is sleeping on a bench and he gets surprised seeing Heer in front of him. He gives her saul and asks what are you doing here at midnight? You can get cold. Heer says please leave.

Virat says I can die for you but please don’t tell me to leave. Heer gets angry and she vandalises Virat’s tea stall. She breaks everything. Other kinnars see everything. Angel tries to go there but Shyam stops him. Heer is about to go inside Virat calls her as Heer. Heer says my name is Apsara. I can take care of myself.

Virat holds her hand. They stare at each other. Virat says no matter how many times you break my heart or my stall I will love you always. He shows Heer’s jhumka and he made her wear it. He says I called you for that only. Angel goes inside with Heer.

Isha says Virat is truly in love. He will not understand anything. Parmeet says you deal with such mad patients daily. Why don’t you deal with him like that. Please don’t say no. Isha says there’s one way. Virat has forgotten the difference between a lady and a kinnar. He needs a girl who will love him so much. Parmeet says why don’t you become that girl. Isha says this is not possible. But I will try my best. Sant says to Daljeet angrily that let’s kill that Heer. Everything will be solved. Daljeet says I will do something. Sant says Parmeet should not know about this. We shall do this secretly.

Next day Preeto comes with family to meet Heer. She notices Virat is sleeping. She says to Angel that we want to meet Heer for Lori. We want to give her new clothes and sweets. Heer says I don’t want anything. Heer starts clapping in front of them. She says I don’t want things from you. I want nek from you all. So give me money.

Virat comes to Heer and says to Preeto that don’t give her a single penny. You are not born to live like a kinnar always. Shyam comes and gifts a dress to Heer for lori. Heer says I will wear this only everytime on Lori. Preeto gets upset and says you are hurting us by doing all these. Heer says to Shyam buy me some matching jewelries as well.

Shyam says of course. Virat smiles and says Heer has started giving lectures nowadays. I got used to it. He again reopens his stall. Angel tells Heer to get ready for Lori. Daljeet says now I can take advantage of the gatherings. Parmeet calls Virat and invites him to come for Lori atleast. Virat says I too want to meet you. But right now I can’t leave. I have to do lot of things. He cuts the call. Virat gives tea to two people. The ask him who did this to your stall?

Virat says last night a storm came slowly and did this. Shyam wants Heer’s one earring. Heer gives him and Shyam gives it to Virat. He says your confidence is still the same. Accept this earring of Heer as duaan. Virat calls Shyam and says I understand your cleverness. But you won’t be able to separate me from Heer. Shyam says I am enough for you to teach you a lesson. You have to forget Heer no matter how. Get it in your head.

Episode ends.

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