Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 15th June 2021 Written Update: Harman’s family accepts Mahi’s conditions.

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 15th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Preeto slapping Mahi. She threatens Mahi saying if she gets inside the house she will kill her. Mahi claps saying she guessed the right thing that her in laws will never give her rights. She then bumps her head against a tree. Saumya and others try to stop her. Mahi says if they won’t allow her to stay in the house she will file complaint against them saying they abused her and also harassed her. Harman and Harak tell her they are not afraid, she can call the police.

Saumya stops Harman saying he won’t react impulsively. Harman says Mahi already crossed her limits by harming herself. Mahi says she is not doing drama. She calls the police and starts her acting. She says her in laws are beating her and Harman is having an extramarital affair with a kinnar. Mahi says now I’ll show you what I can do. Police arrive and Angel starts her drama by consoling Mahi. Mahi says she is getting tortured by her in laws and they are throwing her out when she has no family except them.

Her husband loves a kinnar. Angel says Mahi was happy with her child but later she suffered a lot because of her in laws. Daljeet too supports Mahi. Harman says he should have listened to Saumya. Mahi instigates the inspector saying look how my husband is still giving preference to that kinnar. Virat says this is all lies. He is about to call Sant but Saumya stops him. She asks Mahi what does she want? Mahi says she wants her place in Harman’s life and in his family. She wants Saumya to leave them. If it happens she will withdraw the complaint. Inspector says if Harman and his family don’t accept what Mahi wants they will be behind bars.

Before Harman could say something Saumya agrees to fulfil Mahi’s condition. She says she will leave the house right now. Harman gets shocked. Saumya says to Harman she doesn’t want any more trouble in their lives for their relationship. Virat thinks Saumya has a plan for sure. Harman and Virat support Saumya and accept Mahi’s demand. Mahi wonders how they got convinced easily. Saumya tells inspector she is leaving so they also may leave now. Angel tells Saumya she will fill her gap in the house. Angel and Mahi enter Harman’s house happily.

Preeto welcomes Mahi saying now she will know what is hell. Mahi looks on. Harman goes towards Mahi and says though Saumya left but he is here. They will regret after entering his house. He tells Mahi she can do anything to get her rights forcefully but he will also show her what he can do.

Angel tells Mahi to not worry. They are about to enter but Virat stops them saying whatever will happen to them in the house after that they won’t be able to file complaint again. Virat says he will take revenge for Heer. Mahi looks worried. Angel says noone will welcome Mahi with Aarti thal so she doesn’t need to think much. Preeto again stops them from entering.

Episode ends.

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