Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 16th April 2021 Written Update: Harman takes Saumya to temple

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 16th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Saumya getting into car. Mahi observes her. Heer sees Virat but before Virat could see her Parmeet drags Heer outside and offers her money. Heer says you can’t buy my love. Heer takes Parmeet’s blessings and leaves. Heer recalls all moments with Virat and how he agreed to marry Nayan. She gets emotional.

Heer asks one person where’s bus stop. Saumya’s car passes by the same road. Heer feels weird and turns back. Saumya gets Preeto’s call and Preeto tells her to come back home after finishing her work. Saumya says yes. Heer doesnt see Saumya but she suddenly falls unconscious on road in front of Kamini’s car. Nayan and Kamini step out to help Heer. Nayan gets shocked seeing Heer and they put her in car.

Harman sits in driver’s seat. He looks at Saumya. Other side, Heer gains consciousness and comes out of the room. She notices something shocking. Kamini offers alcohol to Nayan. Nayan acts she can’t drink. Kamini says stop your drama and drink it. Nayan throws her dupatta and drinks alcohol. Kamini and Nayan discuss how stupid is Virat. Kamini says Parmeet is also fool that’s why she believed them so easily. Kamini tells Nayan to control Virat so that she can get all his money. Nayan says now Heer is also near them so no problem will occur. Heer thinks this is Nayan’s true colors. Nayan and her mother fooled Virat and his family. Heer says I was leaving Virat for this girl. Heer was about to leave but one vase falls down and breaks. Nayan goes outside to check. Heer runs from there immediately.

Harman smiles looking at Saumya and then he calls her Gulabo. Saumya gets shocked seeing him and tries to stop him from driving the car but Harman holds her hands. Nayan comes to check Heer. Heer acts like sleeping and then she suddenly wakes up and Nayan gets scared and falls down. Powder falls on Nayan. Nayan gets irritated. Harman stops the car near temple and Saumya gets surprised.

Next morning Virat tells Heer to give protein shake. Heer comes with protein shake which shocks Parmeet. She asks Heer what are you doing here? How can you come back when I fired you already. Heer says she again got the job. Parmeet asks who offered Heer the job again except her? Nayan enters and calls Parmeet mummy ji. She takes blessings and reveals she only offered the job to Heer once again. Nayan says I hope you won’t mind. Parmeet gets shocked. Nayan says isn’t it my right to offer job to someone in my own house.

Saumya gets emotional looking at Matarani. Harman recalls how he got married to Saumya. He comes in front of Saumya. He shows vermilion box to her. Saumya gives shocking expression. ( Shakti music plays in background)

The Episode ends.

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