July 17, 2019
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Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 16th July 2019 Written Update: Preeto fixes Harman’s alliance with Mahi!

Today’s episode opens with Saumya’s half-burned saree flies and reaches to Harman. Harman takes it out. Saumya goes away. Harman looks for Saumya. He feels her presence by looking at her saree. He throws the saree away.

At Singh’s house Shanno and Preeto talks about the funeral ritual Harman have done. Shanno tells Preeto that Harman only did Pooja and burned his love but still Saumya will be alive in his heart. Preeto asks her not to worry, as she has a plan for Harman. She asks Shanno to make a tea for her. Preeto thinks and says she will do something tonight.

Vedant questions Saumya. He says she is fooling him by telling him about the mangalsutra story. Saumya says he will not understand. Vedant says he believes her but asks her why she changed her clothes. He suspects Saumya and asks her to tell him the truth. Saumya goes away without answering him. Vedant calls Saumya and says she is lying to him. He asks for the answer. Saumya says she is not his wife that she will give answers to all his questions. She leaves the place. Vedant looks at her. Saumya thinks and says Harman never talked rudely like him with her.

Singh family goes to attend someone’s engagement ceremony. Preeto looks for Harman and sees he is drinking. He recalls Saumya and Vedant’s moment. Preeto asks one lady is she ready. Lady says yes. Everyone looks at the dance performance.

Harman imagines doing engagement with Saumya. He puts the ring on Saumya’s hand in his dream. Saumya too takes the ring but Harman sees Saumya putting the ring on Vedant’s hand. Back to reality Harman pours his heart out at the function. Preeto asks Palak to take Harman and talk with him, as it is the right time.

Palak manipulates Harman and asks him to move on in his life by marrying someone else. Harman agrees with her and asks Preeto to find a girl for him. Harak and Preeto get happy. Preeto asks Palak to call Mahi. Preeto asks Harman to meet Mahi. Harman denies and said he will marry any girl of their choice.

Harman watches the engagement of the couple. He thinks his marriage will be successful because he is marrying a girl. Mahi looks at Harman.

Saumya plays with Soham. She apologize to Soham for separating him from his father. Saumya says but his father loves him a lot. Saumya talks with Soham.

Preeto ask priest to look for the good date for the marriage. Priests says after 4 days. Harak asks to do preparations. Harman comes and says he will do wedding on one condition. He asks to call Saumya and Vedant for his marriage otherwise he will not do the marriage. Everyone gets shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Sindhu and Raavi tell Saumya about Harman’s marriage. Preeto brings Mahi at Vedant’s house. Vedant asks Saumya to handover her mangalsutra to Mahi.

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