Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 16th September 2021 Written Update: Chintu holds Harman at gunpoint

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 16th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harman telling Chintu that he crossed all limits today. He didn’t even hesitate before joining hands with Heer’s murderers and tried to kill him and Saumya. Harman says he still considers him as chota recharge else he would have killed him. Chintu says he is not a kid. He knows how to tackle Harman if the latter attacks him. Preeto tells Harman to teach lesson to Chintu otherwise he won’t change in whole life. Just because he is a member of the family she is not throwing him out. Harman goes to bring something. Chintu misbehaves with Preeto saying why she is instigating Harman if she has guts she should attack him directly.

Preeto gets furious and starts slapping Chintu. She says his father didn’t teach him manners how to respect elders. She says he grew up in front of her, how dare he threatened her. Chintu pushes away Preeto and Harman holds her. Preeto says she is fine. Chintu mocks Harman seeing a stick in his hand. He says Harman is now trying to be a teacher but he is still the owner of the house. Everything belongs to his father so he won’t spare him. Harman fumes in anger and beats him up saying how dare he raised hand on Preeto who is his grandma. Harak tries to stop Harman but Preeto doesn’t let him do so. Preeto says Chintu needs to get a lesson else he will harm many. Harak tells Viran to stop Harman but Harman doesn’t pay heed. Harak calls Saumya.

Saumya tells Virat to get some rest. They all are with him. Saumya receives Harak’s call and learns Harman lost his cool and beating Chintu mercilessly. He will die, noone is stopping Harman. Saumya says she is coming and before leaving she tells Virat to take care of himself. If he needs anything he will tell the nurse. Saumya rushes to reach home and prays that everything should be fine until she reaches there. Saumya stops Harman from beating Chintu. Saumya says beating is not a solution, Chintu won’t start loving them but he will become more aggressive after this. Preeto says they can’t tolerate Chintu’s misbehavior anymore. He crossed all limits. They cant stay quiet seeing all these. Enough is enough.

Preeto adds they will leave the house but won’t tolerate his misbehavior. They are not bound to do it. Saumya says their family is broken already. Heer died, Raavi is sick and now they will lose Chintu too if things go on like this. Chintu lost his father so he is behaving this way. Raavi will get her senses back then will explain everything to him. Preeto says Saumya’s goodness is not letting her see the reality. Saumya says she will apply ointment on Chintu’s wound. Chintu tells Saumya to stay away as he will never forget she killed Balwindar. He leaves and Saumya tries to convince Preeto but Chintu brings Raavi on a wheelchair. Chintu says he will repeat the same drama which happened in the party when Balwindar died. He aims gun at Harman saying he will shoot Harman and will give excuse of self defence just how Saumya did.

Chintu says his injuries will be the proof. He will tell Police that Harman tried to kill him for property. Preeto says Chintu can never change. Chintu shuts her up and says after Harman he will shoot her. Harman tries to snatch the gun from Chintu and everyone gets scared. Harak and Viran try to stop them. Harman throws away the gun and Raavi gets her senses back. She picks up the gun before Chintu could pick it up. Preeto and Saumya hug her happily. Saumya introduces Chintu to Raavi and Raavi drops the gun. She gets emotional seeing him and hugs him. She gets overjoyed. Chintu also gets happy.

Episode ends

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