Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17th June 2021 Written Update: Saumya comes in guise of Tarana to warn Angel.

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Preeto and her family waking up to loud music. Preeto opens the door to check what is happening. They go out and hear clapping sound as well as dhol sound. Preeto asks them who are they? Mahi turns on the light and everyone gets shocked seeing lots of kinnars. Saumya arrives in guise of a kinnar. Everyone stands shocked looking at her. Saumya goes towards them.

It’s shown how she is getting ready. Angel is left shocked to see her. Saumya starts clapping. Daljeet starts sweating. Harman smiles at Saumya. Preeto asks Harman why Saumya came in this get up. FB is shown where Harman talks to Saumya. He says he used to hate Saumya’s guruma avatar but eventually he understood Saumya is strong and can go to any extent to protect her family. Harman says he will support Saumya’s decision. FB ends. Harman tells Preeto Saumya could only teach lesson to Angel in guise of Tarana. So she is doing the right thing. Saumya stops her followers from clapping.

Angel asks Saumya what kind of drama is this. What she has become. Saumya moves forward and Angel moves backward. Saumya says the fear can be seen in Mahi, Angel and Daljeet’s eyes clearly. Angel gets scared and tells Saumya to back off. Saumya keeps moving and enters the house. Her followers come behind her. Saumya says Angel forced her to embrace her true self. Angel recalls how Saumya threatened her if she becomes Tarana Angel wont be able to run away. Angel says she is not afraid, she will call the police. Saumya twists her hand saying Police can throw Saumya out of the house not Tarana. Angel gets shocked. Saumya lashes out at Angel for insulting kinnar community and their principles.

Saumya says kinnars are God’s special creation and they bless people but Angel ruined the reputation of them. Angel again tries to call the police but Saumya breaks the phone. She slaps Angel. Saumya asks about Heer’s whereabouts from her. She says its your last chance else you will get punished badly. Angel refuses and Saumya gets into fight with her. Mahi tries to call the police but Preeto snatches the phone and pushes her. Saumya forces Angel to tell about Heer’s whereabouts and Daljeet tries to run away in the meantime but Harman catches him.

One constable gives case file to Sant. Sant reveals to Parmeet that he made a duplicate copy of the case file so that Virat doesn’t suspect him. Virat overhears that and gets shocked. He thinks means Harman and Saumya’s doubt was correct. Sant released Angel knowingly and he lied to Virat.

Episode ends

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