Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17th September 2020 Written Update: Heer and Virat patch up!

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17th September 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Preeto asking Heer to befriend Virat. Heer stands confused. Preeto says she keeps complaining she don’t have a friend thus, she can make Virat her friend. Heer and Virat becomes friend. Heer says to Virat that while saving her she got hurt. Virat wipes the blood from Heer’s hand.

There, Preeto and Harak discuss about Virat and Heer. Preeto worries that Soham has turned against them. Harak decides to deal with Soham by his way. Other side, Virat sneaks into his room through window. He switches ON the light and sees his whole family waiting in his room. Jharna asks Virat where he escaped late at night. Virat says he went to do friendship with Heer. Jhana says she has a problem with Heer and can’t see him doing friendship with her. Virat’s mother too shows her disappointment and asks Virat why he wants to do friendship with Heer. Jharna says Heer is Virat’s ex thus, she don’t want to do friendship with her. Virat asks who is she to stop him? Jharna says she is his wife to be. Virat clears to Jhana that it is better for them not to intervene in their personal life. Virat’s mother says to Jharna not to worry as post wedding she can control Virat’s mind.

In the morning, Preeto brings tea for Heer. Heer gets upset with Preeto and asks her why she asked her to do friendship with Virat. Preeto makes Heer understand Virat will get married within 2 days thus before that he will be guilt free that Heer forgive her which is good. Heer cries thinking why Virat is not marrying her. Preeto console Heer and says because something more good has been written in her destiny.

There, Soham wakes up and sees Harak aiming him with the gun. Harak threatens to Soham and gives him his property and asks him to stay away from Heer. Preeto too folds her hand in front of Soham and asks him to stop troubling Heer. Shanno interrupts and instigate Soham. Soham reveals Varun’s picture to Harak and Preeto and tells them that avenge is only the aim of his life and he will continue doing that. He says to Harak, property and money he can easily snatch from him. Shanno smirks. Harak and Preeto regret Soham’s presence in the house.

Ahead, Heer cuts the apple. Soham sees Heer and goes near her. He sees Harak and Preeto coming. Soham takes the knife and pretends that he will slit Heer’s throat. Heer, Harak and Preeto stands shocked. (Episode Ends)