Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17th September 2021 Written Update: Chintu is adamant to get the property

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi kissing on Chintu’s forehead. She asks but whats happening here now. Chintu says Saumya killed his father so he will also kill Harman in the same way and live without having guilt. He won’t get punished as well. Raavi says Chintu is misunderstanding Saumya, Saumya saved her from Balwindar else he would have killed her in the party. Chintu says Saumya and all of them have brainwashed Raavi, she doesn’t know the truth. He tries to take the gun but Raavi picks it up. He tells her to give him the gun but she refuses.

Chintu says property, money everything belong to them so he will throw Harman’s family out of the house. Raavi apologises to everyone on behalf of Chintu. She says because of her everyone in the family is suffering and Chintu is doing the same like his father. His upbringing is bad and thus he tortured her family. Raavi says she will handover all the property and money to Harman tomorrow as everything belongs to him.

Chintu says to Raavi he is her son still she is siding with her family. Raavi says her husband left her but her family stayed by her side always. Chintu says how can she talk to him when he met her after so long. Raavi says she waited for her son all these years but he became another Balwindar. He disappointed her a lot. Raavi tells Harman to make property papers again. Chintu says he can’t let that happen. Harman snatched the property from his father. Raavi says Balwindar snatched everything from Harman by betraying him. He cheated everyone not Harman.

Raavi says she is Balwindar’s wife and she has the right to give the property to Harman. But Chintu came recently, he can’t prove that he is Raavi’s son. So he can’t stop her from doing what she wants. Chintu gets angry and Saumya tells him that family is more precious than property. Chintu leaves. Raavi cries and Saumya reveals they can’t lose Chintu as already they lost Heer. Raavi gets shocked to hear that Heer is no more.

Chintu fumes and says his only aim was to get the power and property. He wanted to take revenge of his father’s death but Raavi can’t ruin his plan easily. He calls a lawyer and tells him something. Lawyer says before Chintu, Raavi has rights over Balwindar’s property. So he can’t help Chintu in his plan. He declines Chintu’s request. Saumya and Harman are in their room and Raavi comes to their room. She gets restless and says Chintu was drinking alcohol continuously and was telling her to not give the property to Harman. She denied and Chintu left the house in inebriated state. Raavi says she can’t lose her son. Saumya and Harman calm her.

Everyone goes on a lookout for Chintu. Saumya says Chintu doesn’t know anyone here to which Preeto says Chintu has friends for sure. She adds Chintu won’t harm himself, he is not that kind of a person. Saumya and Preeto find Chintu in drunken state on middle of the road. Chintu is sitting on his jeep and drinking.

Saumya tells him to come down. She says Raavi is worried for him. Chintu tells her to stop showing fake concern to him. He says they hypnotised Raavi and killed his father. They are his enemies. Saumya breaks his alchohol bottle and shuts him up. She says they consider him a part of their family so they care for him but he is adamant. Chintu tries to slap her in anger but Preeto stops him. Preeto says he should not cross his line else she knows how to teach him lesson. Chintu says you all only know how to beat me.

Saumya tells him to think about Raavi atleast. He should go home. Chintu says he is not leaving home but they will leave. He leaves from there. Preeto gets frustrated and says Chintu has turned their lives into hell, he is not letting them live peacefully. Now he will create another scene after reaching house. Saumya and Preeto are about to leave but Saumya hears crying sound of a baby. She tells Preeto to hear it carefully. The baby cries even more loudly. Saumya and Preeto wonder why is that baby crying. They search where it’s coming from and Saumya sees something.

Episode ends

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