Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 19th December 2019: Harak troubles Saumya and Heer

The episode starts with Gayatri checking an unconscious Maninder and telling Preeto that he is out of danger even though he was badly injured. Preeto asks Gayatri to inform te police.

Harak singh’s men tell him that Soumya didn’t come to meet Maninder at the city hospital. Harak singh receives Varun’s call who tells him that he will always stand with him and tells him that Soumya had left Soham near Panchayat Bhawam.

The next day Soumya gives food to Rohan and heer and then leaves to get milk from bazaar after recommending to the kids to not go outside.
Harak singh’s man informs him that Soumya just left home and he orders him to follow her and give him the address of the house.
He starts following Soumya with his friends.

Soumya takes milk and when she turns around she sees that she is surrounded by Harak Singh’s men.
On the other hand Rohan and Heer hears the doorbell and Heer opens the door thinking it’s Soumya. Rohan is shocked to see Harak singh there while Heer gets happy seeing him. Harak singh picks heer up. Rohan asks him to stay there until Soumya doesn’t come back. Harak Singh says that they shall leave and when Soumya will see that nobody is there, she will come home by herself. Rohan asks him to wait and let them wear their shoes. Harak Singh let Heer down and Rohan locks himself and Heer in a room. Harak Singh receives a call.

On the other side Soumya begs Harak Singh’s men to let her leave as she did nothing wrong and they say that they just got her supari and they enjoy their work.
Meanwhile Harak Singh freaks out as Heer and Rohan don’t answer him from the room. He breaks down the door and gets angry seeing that there is nobody in the room.

In fact Rohan and Heer has escaped. Heer asks Rohan why are they running and Rohan tells her that they are playing a game and if Harak Singh catches them then soumya will leave. Heer agrees to run since she doesn’t want Soumya to lose the game.

Harak Singh’s men let Soumya go thinking that Harak singh must have already taken heer away but just then they see Rohan and Heer there. Soumya sees them too and before they can get the kids and she comes in between them. She threatens to hit the men with a bottle of glass and asks Rohan and heer to run away. They do like Soumya said; the goons follow them and also Soumya goes behind them.

On the other side Preeto stops Harak Singh on the road. Harak Singh tells him that they can’t bear each other anymore so he already talked with the lawyer and they shall get divorce. Preeto calls the police and says that Harak Singh is going towards the highway. He is shocked to hear that but doesn’t change his decision even after Preeto asks him to change his mind and accept Heer who is harman’s last memory.

Heer gets tired. Rohan asks her to run but she isn’t able to continue. They see some kids playing in the mud and decide to hide in that mud as well so the men won’t recognize them. Soumya sees that.

The men asks one of the kids who were playing where they are from and he, with the others, start throwing mud on them for showing tiranny. The men runs away. Soumya gets happy and rushes to Heer and Rohan.

Heer asks Soumya if they have won and she tells her that they will win only after Soham will join them too and promises her that she will unite all the three at any cost.

After a while Nalini meets Mahi and Shanno and tells Mahi to use her mother’s love to get Heer back. Nalini says that Soumya is fighting against the world for her sister’s son so she should try twice harder to get her own daughter. Shanno tells Mahi the same.

In the night Preeto tells soumya that she should leave with Rohan and heer but Soumya says that she won’t live without Soham as without him her family is incomplete without him. Preeto tells him to go then and get Soham.
Just then a car comes there. Preeto and soumya rush to hide behind a tree. They see Mahi coming out of the car.
Mahi says that she is alone and wants to talk with them and asks them to come out.

Preeto asks her what was the need of meeting there. Mahi says that the war is on. Preeto says that she knows that.
Mahi reminds Soumya and Preeto that she is the one who gave birth to Heer, she is her mother and will get her back at any cost. Soumya and Preeto are shocked to hear that.
Episode ends

Precap: Preeto asks Mahi from where did her sudden love come from. Mahi says that she will get Heer at any cost and leaves. Preeto tells Soumya that she has had enough now and it’s time to fight openly.