October 24, 2019
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Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 19th September 2019 Written Update: Vedant attempts to abduct Heer!

Today’s episode starts with Mallika explains to Saumya that the way Soham misbehaved with Kinnars in future after learning Heer’s identity will react same way. Saumya worries and further says to Mallika that she will teach Soham not to differentiate between peoples.

Soham runs and Rohan and Heer ask him to stop. A man stands far and clicks the pictures of Heer, Rohan and Soham. Rohan holds Heer’s hand. Soham returns back and holds Heer’s hand too.

Saumya comes and asks Soham why he misbehaved with kinnars. Soham says he don’t like them because they looks different and he fears them. Man clicks Saumya’s pictures too. Here, Mallika tells to Harak that Saumya along with Rohan and Soham brought Heer to make her meet them. Harak gets angry. He calls out for Saumya. Saumya comes and Harak yells at her for taking Heer to meet kinnars. He asks Saumya if she ever loved Harman than she should tell him why she took Heer to kinnars. Saumya stands speechless. Preeto ask Saumya to tell why she took Heer to meet Mallika and others.

Mahi interrupts and says she asked Saumya to take Heer. Saumya stands confused. She further says she sent Heer to distribute fruits and sweets so that they can bless her.  Preeto in flashback recalls how she asked Mahi to support Saumya in front of Harak for Heer’s sake. Harak ask Mahi to keep Heer away from Saumya or else she will regret later.

Preeto says to Saumya that today she will bring children’s from the school. Heer ask Preeto buy her balloons. She goes to balloon man and ask him to give her balloons. A man who was clicking pictures of Rohan, Heer and Soham smiles seeing Heer. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vedant disguise veiled woman and runs with Heer pushing away Preeto and Rohan. Balloon vendor fights with Vedant.

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