Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 1st April 2020 Written Update: Soumya leaves Heer alone

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 1st April 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Soumya who leaves her house, everyone gives her blessings. While Heer feels very sad as she adores her Gulabo so much. Preeto tells Heer your Gulabo is leaving because she wants to make her career and you also need to do something which makes us proud, okay. Heer nods her head in yes.

After a while, Preeto is standing alone and crying while Mahi came and asks her Soumya is leave now why she left Heer here. We should also need to get Heer out of here as she is also a shemale. Preeto grabs her hand and take her to the Harak and tells Harak that, she want to throw Heer out from here.

Harak says, Mahi Heer is a small child, where can she go. Mahi says, I don’t know, but I don’t want to sees her face and she don’t deserve to be here. Harak then scolds her for her sick mentality. Mahi says, why are you scolding me, as you also don’t likes Heer very much. Now why you want to support her.]

Harak says, but now I have feelings for her as she is my blood so how can I hate her for so long. So you too leave these bad thoughts now. Preeto then asks Mahi to leave from here with a smiling face. And after this don’t try to say ill about Heer, otherwise it will be not good for you.

Later a woman comes to Preeto and asks her to comes at her daughter’s wedding function. Heer gets excited and wants to go there, but Harak denies her. Heer still persists. Harak then scolds her for her stubbornness. Heer went from there, and cries alone in her room.

Later she wants to calls Gulabo. But there Soumya meets an accident and loss her life. After a while Shano came to Heer and asks her if you want to leaves from there, then I can help you. She prepares Heer to go to the wedding.And tells her that girls get their prince by going to weddings, you will find your prince there too. Later she hides Heer and helps her get out of the house.

Ahead Heer dance at wedding. While Soham tells Preeto and Harak that Heer is not here. Preeto then goes to find Heer. After some year Heer become an adult and still like to play hide and seek with her family as she always likes  to go to weddings by hiding from her house.

Precap: Virat propose Heer at college.