Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 20th December 2019 written update: VARUN’S PLAN TO TRAP SOUMYA

The episode starts with Mahi saying that she is Heer’s mother and will do everything to get her daughter back even call his father. Preeto starts pushing her and shouts at her saying to call anybody she wants and asks her from where her love for Heer woke up suddenly.

Soumya tries to stop her and calm her down but she warns Mahi that she and soumya won’t let anything happen to Heer and will fight openly now. She asks her to leave. Mahi says she is leaving now but asks her to remember that she will get Heer back at any cost.

Once she leaves, Preeto tells Soumya that she has enough and now they have to fight openly but Soumya says that they can’t put children’s life in danger. Preeto says but nobody is letting them do anything. Soumya asks her about Maninder and Preeto tells her that he is fine.

Preeto asks Soumya about Heer and Rohan and asks if she misses her. Soumya tells her that Heer keeps missing her and just wants to live with everybody together. Preeto gives some food she cooked with her hands for Heer and Soumya and also feeds Soumya with it saying that it has been so long they haven’t cooked together. They are emotional. Preeto says that once she gets Soham, she will send them all abroad where they will be able to live peacefully.

On the other hand Heer and Rohan are waiting for Soumya and Heer is feeling cold. Soumya comes and covers Heer with her pallu. Soumya says that they can’t go home now or else they will lose against Harak Singh and she doesn’t want her Heer to lose. She then gives them the food Preeto made and feeds them. They get happy.

Heer asks Soumya when they will go home and says that she is feeling cold. Soumya says that she will hold her tight and won’t let her feel cold. She recalls a moment with Harman and then wonders how she will protect Heer and Rohan from cold. Just then Mallika comes there and give them blankets. She tells her that they can spend the night at the mandir safely since kinnars are keeping watch around the temple.

Soumya makes Heer and Rohan sleep and then thanks Mallika who tells her that she is just taking care of her daughter the way she is taking care of her children. She asks her to take care of herself and the children and that’s where her happiness lies.

Meanwhile Harak Singh gets inside Gayatri’s home and picks up kidnaps her daughter. Gayatri tries to stop him and he asks him that if she wants her daughter back she has to tell him where Soumya is. Gayatri dials police number while trying to stop him so they are able to hear her address and reach on time. In fact when Harak Singh opens the door and is about to leave he finds the police in front of him and is shocked. He threatens Gayatri and then police take him away.

The next morning Preeto meets Nalini and asks her to leave with Maninder somewhere far and let them get Soham since she knows that she doesn’t even love Soham. Nalini asks money in exchange. Varun overhears them and thinks to tell everything to Shanno who will teach her a lesson. He thinks that he will go to the hospital after that as Soumya will surely come there.
Later Shanno tells Mahi that Preeto again plotted against them but change the topic seeing Preeto there.

Preeto takes out all her golden jewels from her closet. Mahi spies on her. Ravi and Sindhu come there and asks her what she is doing. Preeto says that she is dividing all the money and jewels she has in two: one part to give to Nalini so she can go somewhere far with Maninder and the other part will go to Soumya so she can leave abroad with children. She says that she is going to the hospital now. Mahi calls Varun and tells him to go to the hospital since she can’t see all the money getting wasted like this.

Later in the hospital Harak Singh’s men wonder why Soumya didn’t come there yet to meet Maninder and decides to wait until they come. Meanwhile Varun goes inside Maninder’s ward and says that he will stop his breaths now.

Harak Singh’s men ask the receptionist if she has seen Soumya or Heer showing her their photo. On the other hand Varun removes oxygen from Maninder and then leaves.

On the other hand Gayatri and her daughter Reet come in the mandir to meet Soumya and the children. Reet asks Heer and Rohan why they are staying there and Heer says that they are playing a game with Harak Singh and if he finds them they will lose. Reet tells her that her grandfather is bad and yesterday came to kidnap her and police took him away. She also reveals that Harak Singh has beaten Maninder badly. Heer is shocked.
Episode ends

Precap: Gayatri tells Soumya that Maninder’s condition has got worse and she has to go to the hospital. Soumya insists to go with her. Gayatri says that someone will recognize her but Soumya says they won’t be able to do that. Soumya and Heer dress up as two sardar and come in the hospital but they are stopped by a man who has his face covered. He points a gun on them.