Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 21st September 2021 Written Update: Raavi handovers the property to Preeto

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 21st September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Angel getting angry and says Saumya can’t stop her from taking the child. Preeto says being a woman she felt Saumya and Heer’s pain but Angel who belongs to the same community couldn’t feel their pain. Angel gets hyper and Preeto slaps her. She says if Angel doesn’t change herself now she will beat her to death. Police throws Angel and her gang out of the police station. Preeto says Angel can harm the child so they cant take risk by leaving her in a childcare. Preeto says can they take the baby with them until the police find her parents. Inspector allows them and says Preeto can fulfil the formalities anytime.

Preeto brings the baby home and Harak asks her what the inspector said. Preeto says they got permission to take care of the child until her parents come to take her. Harak holds the baby in his arms and gets delighted. Chintu notices that and gets irked. He says they will make the baby drama queen. Raavi says she will bring milk for the child. Preeto goes to help her. Viran says they need many things to take care of the child properly. Clothes, powder and oil etc. Harman and Viran go out for shopping. Saumya thinks after a long time everyone is happy because of the child.

Angel enters home and breaks stuffs in anger. One kinnar says Angel is Guru Mata and couldn’t take a child. Thats really shameful for her image. Community people will make fun of her. Angel says if she can’t take the child she will not let her live. She will bury the child. Virat gets discharged and informs Harman that he got job in Delhi so he is going there. Harman says will he not go home? Virat says Heer’s murderers live there and he can’t stay with them. Moreover Heer’s memories are there and it’s not possible for him to stay there without her. Harman insists Virat to not leave them like this. Harman says Heer is alive in their hearts and he wants Virat to stay with them so that they can feel Heer’s presence too. Harman says if Virat disagrees he will call Preeto. Virat agrees to stay with them and leaves with him.

Preeto does aarti of matarani and she gives the aarti to everyone and suddenly the baby starts crying. Preeto tries to calm her and Saumya takes the baby from Preeto. She calms her down by singing lullaby. Virat arrives with Harman and everyone gets happy seeing Virat. Lawyer comes with property transfer papers and Raavi checks that. Raavi says she will handover the property to Preeto. Preeto says she doesn’t want all this but Raavi should give the property to Harman. Raavi says Harman wants Preeto to get the property. Harman tells Raavi to sign the papers without wasting time. Raavi is about to sign it but Chintu stops her.

Chintu says he thought Raavi is emotionally disturbed and took a desperate decision but she can’t sign the papers now. Raavi tells Chintu to leave her hands. Virat stops Chintu from misbehaving with Raavi. Virat says Chintu should respect his mother and value her. He adds he is feeling alone despite having parents but Chintu should not commit any mistake due to which he will regret in future. Chintu asks him who are you to stop me? Preeto says Virat is their son and Chintu won’t dare to ask him any questions in future. Raavi signs the papers and lawyer leaves. Chintu thinks he will snatch the property from Harman very soon.

Episode ends

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