Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 22nd August 2019 Written Update: Singh family celebrates Mahi’s baby shower

Episode starts with women’s asking Mahi to remove her mangalsutra. Saumya stops the women from snatching Mahi’s mangalsutra. Everyone looks at Saumya.

Saumya says our family mates don’t think Harman will not come back. She asks people if they can’t support them than no need to trouble them. She asks people to leave.

Mahi feels the pain. Saumya says they need to take her to the doctor. Harak stops Saumya from interrupting in their family matters.

Mr. Basal says to Saumya that he wants to write his property in her name so that he can go to ashram. Saumya says no but Bansal insists. Saumya takes the file and Bansal requests to take care of Rohan. Mr. Bansal says he will pray she gets her Harman back.

Saumya spends time with Soham and Rohan. She recalls her moment with Harman. She sends Rohan to school and plays with Soham.

3 months later:

Saumya prays to God to send Harman back to her as soon as possible.

9 months later:

Saumya looks at the moon and recalls Harman’s words. She gets upset thinking of Harman.

At Singh house everyone gathers to celebrate Krishna Janamastmi and Mahi’s baby shower. Preeto ask Harak to attend the function. Harak says he don’t want too. Preeto ask him to attend it for Harman’s sake.

Harak and Preeto cry thinking about Harman. Preeto says to harak that Harman will come back surely.

Saumya brings Mahi down. Priest asks to begin Janamastmi function. Everyone does the Janamastmi rituals.

Priest asks Singh mates to begin Baby Shower. Saumya and Preeto do the rituals. Harak goes away. Mahi thinks of Harman’s word and sees Saumya.

Mahi ask Saumya what is her relation with her. She says to Saumya that she is her husband’s wife but Harman has always loved her more, more than the child she is carrying.  Mahi further says to Saumya that today she will celebrate her Baby Shower too.

Saumya gets emotional hearing Mahi’s word and thanks her for accepting her wholeheartedly. Saumya says she will celebrate this happiness. Preeto gets emotional.

Saumya, Raavi and Sindhu dances at Mahi’s baby shower (Godh Bharai song plays in the background).

Saumya sees Harman. Harman gives flying kiss to Saumya and vanishes.

Mahi calls Saumya to do baby shower ritual. Harak stops Mahi. He yells at Saumya and says she is inauspicious. Harak makes everyone to recalls Surbhi. Harak further says to Saumya that if she loves Harman than she should never make her shadow fall on his house. Saumya gets upset. Mallika and other Kinners come to Singh house. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Mahi feels the pain. Preeto takes Mahi to the hospital. Harak Singh and other members pray at the temple. Saumya calls Preeto and ask where everyone is? Preeto tells her that she brought Mahi to the hospital. Doctor informs Preeto that Mahi has given birth to the trans-gender. Preeto stands shocked.