Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Heer hugs Shyam in front of Virat

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Heer saying we have to act like we are a couple. It will affect Virat more. Shyam smiles and asks then what shall we have to do? Heer says I don’t know, I have only loved one person truly. What you will tell me to do I’ll do it. Isha too agreed and we have to do it so that Virat feels jealous. Shyam says fine we’ll make him feel jealous.

Rohan comes to meet Simran. He gets worried and asks Simran is everything alright? Why did she suddenly call him? Simran hides her happiness and complaints about Heer’s family. She shows fake tears and says you all are trying to be great. When I left your house you didn’t even try to call me. You didn’t care for me. If I don’t want to accept Heer as my nanad then you wont accept me as your wife? She hugs Rohan and says I want my husband no matter what. She thinks she will continue this drama for her baby.

Virat waits for Heer. Heer leaves with Shyam with happy face. Virat follows them with Isha. Shyam compares Heer with moon and says he loves her. Heer too says I am happy that you are calling me moon. Promise me that you will stay with me forever. Shyam says don’t worry I’ll always be with you and will protect you. Heer notices Virat and says to Shyam that I can’t hurt Virat anymore. He is watching us. Shyam hugs Heer. Heer says please forgive me Virat.

Virat gets really upset and goes near them. Virat starts clapping and says wow what a lovely couple! Heer ignores him. Virat says you are acting right so that I leave you forever. Heer says its not acting. You are not accepting the truth that’s your problem. I have chosen Shyam already. He didn’t lie to me. Now we don’t care about what you say. Virat gets angry and pushes Shyam. He says who are you? You clap in front of people how can you think you will be Heer’s partner? Heer says then who am I? I am also a kinnar like him.

Shyam says we’ll take care of each other. You don’t need to worry. Heer says to Isha that please help Virat , he needs a wife else he won’t stop accepting a kinnar as his wife. Isha says Virat loves you a lot but you are treating him like this. Heer says I am doing the right thing. Shyam says let’s go gulabo. Virat says you called her gulabo. Fine. But she only loves me. Shyam says she is my Apsara. She is not Heer. Isha says she has two names but has one heart.

Shyam says then let’s see. Virat goes near the cliff suddenly. He says I should die if Heer doesn’t accept that its all fake. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Maybe I won’t return like last time. He was about to jump and Heer stops him. She says I’ll jump as well if you jump off the cliff. Because people will call me your killer. Then they won’t let me live. She says to Virat that he can’t force someone like that. Virat says you can’t leave me like that. Isha stops Virat from jumping. Heer looks at them and leaves.

Virat asks Isha why did she save him ? Isha says she can’t let him die for a egoistic kinnar. She doesn’t care for you. Shyam says now you can believe that she doesn’t care for you. You don’t deserve her as well. You tried to make her murderer. Virat leaves.

Heer starts crying and says she can’t give Virat’s place to someone else. She feels guilty for her behavior. She gets angry on matarani and says why did you do this to me? Shyam looks at Heer and he too feels sad for her.

Virat comes near tea stall and says to Isha that he didn’t even imagine that his death will also not affect Heer. How can she be so heartless! Isha says she will care if you do what I tell you to do. she says you have to maintain distance from Heer maybe that will help. Separation can be way to get Heer back.

Episode ends

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