August 25, 2019
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Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 23rd August 2019 Written Update: Mahi gives birth to a trans-gender| Preeto gets stun

Episode starts with Mallika. Harak shouts at her for coming. He shouts at them and asks them to leave.

Mallika asks other Kinnars to dance. Harak stops them. Saumya asks Mallika to go back. Preeto supports Mallika and ask her to dance. Mallika gives blessings to Mahi. Preeto takes Mahi inside.

Saumya recalls Preeto’s words and smiles. She laughs out loud. Everyone gathers around her. Mallika ask Saumya why she is laughing like this. Saumya pours her out to Malllika and gets emotional.

Rohan ask for Saumya. Saumya comes and feeds him the dinner. She talks about Chintu. Rohan says to Saumya that he will take care of her like Harman, Chintu and Soham. Saumya hugs Rohan.

Harak asks Singh mates to come with him to the temple except Mahi and Preeto.

Mahi has a labour pain and she calls out for Preeto. Preeto takes Mahi to the hospital. Harak Singh and others prays at the temple.

Preeto waits outside the OT. She calls Harak Singh and informs him about Mahi. Harak prays to the God.

Saumya comes and calls out for Preeto. She calls Preeto and asks where she is. Preeto tells her that she is at the hospital with Mahi. Saumya runs towards the hospital.

Preeto hears the first cry of the baby and gets happy. Doctor comes and Preeto ask boy or girl. Doctor informs Preeto that her daughter-in law gave birth to Kinner. Preeto stands stunned. She attacks doctor. Preeto apologises to doctor and ask him to recheck. Doctor says he is sure.

Preeto recalls Mallika’s curse and cries loudly. She worries for Harak and says Harak will die hearing this. Preeto says she will kill the baby.

Preeto go inside the room to kill the baby. She sees the baby and about to kill. Preeto hears Harman’s voice and turns around. Harman says whom he love is also a Kinner than why she is hating his daughter. Harman ask Preeto do she will kill his Kinner daughter.

Preeto cries and ask Harman what she should do. Harman asks Preeto to promise him that she will always protect his daughter, if she wants him back.

Preeto cries and says she promise to him. Harman vanishes. Preeto says if she will take baby home than someone else will kill her. She thinks to handover the baby to Mallika.

Harak comes and ask Preeto about the child. Saumya looks at them from far (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Harak ask Preeto to give the child to him. Preeto says she will not give baby to anyone. Preeto tells to Saumya that baby is Kinnar. Saumya stands shocked.

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