Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 23rd March 2020 Written Update: Preeto refuses  Heer’s pleading

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 23rd March 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Preeto who wants to remove vermilion from Heer’s head so he tells Ravi and Sindhu to capture Heer.  She later throws a bucket of water on Heer’s head. There Malika is watching everything and remembers that once Saumya’s vermilion was also removed like this. While on the other hand Heer says, you want to remove my vermilion, then remove it, because I am already married to Virat.  And I will be his wife till the next birth.  Therefore your action does not affect my inner space.

Here Preeto becomes deaf and does not want to hear anything.  But Soham wants to oppose this.  He says, Heer hasn’t done anything wrong. She just loves Virat and  married to him which is not a crime.  But what we are doing is gross crime.  And I am against it.  In this way we cannot torture Heer and also we can’t remove vermilion from the head of a married woman. And then he takes Heer with him.

Later Preeto also cannot bear this pain and starts crying then Ravi takes her to her room.  Here Shaano sees Malaika and accuses her for all of this as she is unable to take Heer with her.  Malaika says that you should look at yourself before accusing me because I have never seen a clever woman like you who wants to destroy her family.  Meanwhile Heer  is crying in pain and Soham is comforting her. 

Later Heer’s mother arrives and tells her to calm down.  Heer says can you give me some vermilion, I never asked anything from you, but please help me this time, only once.  But her mother does not say anything because she cannot do anything in this matter and she left.  On the other hand, Preeto weeps, saying that she tortures her beloved daughter.  While Malika comes and tells her that it is not too late yet , we can tell Heer about her real identity.

But Preeto disagrees with Malaika as she never wants to tell Heer about her identity.  Malika tells her that you are wrong from day one.  Yet if you still want to fulfill your stubbornness, then no one will be able to stop the storm from coming. There, on the other hand Sant ties Virat’s hands with rop Because he wanted to remove marriage thoughts from his head. But Virat still tells him that don’t make yourself bother as i will never leave Heer, even if i die. 

The episode ends with Heer’s mother gives her the vermilion and Heer puts the vermilion in front of Preeto.

Precap : Virat and Heer vows that they will live for each other and die for each other.