Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 23rd October 2020 Written Update: Preeto frames Soham in a murder case

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 23rd October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Preeto and family doing Puja, Preeto says let’s go to Virat’s house to give Shagun and Haldi. Harak tells Mahi that if Harman is present now, she would have gone with him for Shagun. She should come now also, her daughter marriage won’t happen without her involvement. Mahi gets emotional remembering how she ill treated Heer in childhood, she tells Heer that she never performed her duty as mother, she got one chance now before marriage, she will fulfill all her duties as mother. Soham thinks he will stop the marriage.

Heer feels like seeing Virat, she is going out but Raavi catches her. She teases Heer and gives phone to talk to Virat. Heer calls Virat and wishes him Congrats. He asks why, she says it because they are marrying, they will live soon in same bed room together. He says they are not married yet and she is doing dirty talks. They nok-jhok and end the call.

Preeto, Harak, Mahi go to Virat house, Preeto remembers how Parmeet asked for Heer’s Shuddhikaran as Soumya was kinnar. Parmeet remembers how Preeto threw Shagun plate. They smile and Preeto gives Shagun to Parmeet. Virat feels this is a moment and Heer has to see it. He takes selfie with whole family. Preeto applies Haldi to Virat, Simran says mother should apply Haldi first and asks Preeto why she applied. Everyone get tensed and Simran laughs lightening the situation.

Soham calls villagers in the name of Sarpanch, he wants to tell them a big secret. Preeto and co return home, Heer says she wants Preeto to apply her Haldi first, Preeto smiles and applies Haldi, soon all family members apply Haldi. Virat family also apply Haldi to him. Shanoo thinks Preeto shouldn’t realize Soham is not at home, otherwise she will get doubt. Heer says she wants all village to take part in her marriage. Preeto goes out to invite everyone.

Soham is about to reveal Heer’s identity, a masked man stops him by shooting bullet in the air, he and Soham fight and Soham shoots him accidentally. Preeto and Harak come there, they scold him for making enemies everywhere. Preeto slaps Soham. Villagers tell to remove the mask and see who is the person. Harak stops them saying its crime case, they should not touch the person. Soham says he doesn’t even know who is this person, he himself came with gun. Preeto tells let’s call police, they will deal with it. Preeto winks at Soham, they saw Soham gathering villagers while returning from Virat’s home.

Soham tells Preeto, she did wrong, she framed him in murder case to remove him from Heer’s path. Preeto says she can go to any extent to remove him from Heer’s way. Preeto says Soham is against Heer-Virat’s marriage, Virat belongs to police family, they might have sent a man to make Soham understand, but Soham killed the person, now police won’t leave him. Preeto tells villagers to not involve in this as its police case, they agree. Police come and Soham thinks he also made his plans, he throws some gas, it spreads and no one can see any person. Soham escapes and thinks game is not over.

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