Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Heer’s life in danger

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 23rd September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with both Virat and Heer are quite disappointed. Both go to their respective rooms and remember the moments they spent together. Heer remembers how Virat proposed  her today and cries. There Gurminder notices Virat crying and goes to him.

 Gurminder says she knows that Heer has turned him down. And it is karma that one day it was Virat who rejected her and today Heer has rejected him. While at other side Heer is still crying and Preeto sees her in such a state and says that Heer should cry so that she becomes stronger for the future.

In the morning, Ravi prepares all the important items for Heer. And asks Preeto to give her watch carefully because it is very useful during exams. Soham says, what is the benefit of giving a watch to someone whose time is bad. Rohan says that Heer’s time is in his hands and he will not let her time get spoiled.

 He then asks Soham to come to the kitchen with him so that they can make tea. Soham says that he knows that he is taking him to the kitchen so that Soham cannot go after Heer. Soham says he need not be afraid because he will not go after her and Harak is with her anyway.

In the temple, Heer prays to god that her exams go well and also prays for Virat happy married life . That’s when Gurminder and Virat come there. Gurminder tells Heer that she knows that Virat wants to marry her, yet she is praying for his married life. Gurminder says Virat loves her and will never be happy with Jharana.

Gurminder shows her some pictures and tells that Virat has kept this wedding photo and it was taken from the CCTV of the temple where once you both get married and he always kept it with him even after their fight. And also in private, he used to feel her and talk to her. Heer says yet she cannot accept Virat.

 Because if she did, Jharana would also get the same sorrow she had received. Heer tells Virat that he should leave from here and get married to Jharana. Virat says but God also wants to see them together. Heer says if this is the case, they should toast and see what God’s judgment is.

Next, Heer comes home and Ravi feeds him yogurt sugar for good luck. While Soham fits the bomb in the car. And Heer, Preeto and Rohan go in the same car in which the bomb is fitted. And after a while the bombs explode.

The police come and find out whose car it is. And then they calls up Harak’s house and informs them that Harak’s car has been destroyed. Everyone is shocked to know this. Episode end.