Shakti Astitva ke Ehsaas ki 24th July 2019 Written Update: Saaya curses Preeto| Saumya cries her heart out to

Episode starts with Priest chanting the mantras. Saaya and Chameli struggles to open their rope.

Priest asks Groom to tie the mangalsutra to the bride. Saumya sees her mangalsutra and cries.  She goes aside hiding from all. Raavi and Sindhu looks at her. Harman takes the mangalsutra recalls the flashback and ties it on Mahi’s neck.

Saaya and Chameli runs from there. Sindhu calls someone and ask for Mallika and Chameli. The person from the otherside says No.

Priest ask Harman to fill the forehead of bride with sindoor. Harman recalls his moments with Saumya. Saaya and Chameli runs to stop the marriage. Harman fills the Sindoor. Priest asks Harman and Mahi to get ready for wedding rounds.

Vedant ask Saumya to pretend to be happy in front of Harman else he will doubt. Saumya comes smiling and Harman sees her. Harman and Mahi take the round. He looks at Saumya. Saumya showers the petals on him.

Mallika and Chameli runs, Priest announces the marriage is completed. The duo gets stunned. Saumya turns back and sees Chameli and Saaya. Preeto stops Saumya from meeting Mallika. She tells her that Mallika knows about her marriage truth and is here to tell the truth. She asks her to stop saaya from telling the truth.

Saumya pleads in front of Mallika not to disclose the truth. Mallika tries to make her understand. Saumya says Harman will be alive in her heart forever. Vedant interrupts. Saumya asks Mallika not to reveal anything to Harman.

Other eunuchs come. Harak ask who called them. Saaya says they are here to bless newlywed. Preeto says hhis son don’t need their blessings. Priest asks Harman and Mahi to take blessing from the God. Preeto asks Raavi and Sindhu take them. Harman and Mahi go with them.

Preeto asks Mallika and others to leave too. Mallika says she will go and taunts Preeto. She says that today one eunuch saved her else she will be unmasked today in front of her son.

Preeto says now Harman is settled and now no truth matters. She says it’s her mistake to welcome eunuchs in their life. Shanno interrupts and asks them to leave.

Mallika in anger curses Preeto and says she will go through the same pain one day. Preeto, Saumya and everyone out there get shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Preeto ask Mahi to close the door, Saumya and Vedant stands out. Harman destroys his first night decoration.