Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 24th July 2020 Written Update: Heer blames Soumya for her broken marriage

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 24th July 2020 Written Update on

Virat swears by Heer and says that he cannot love her.  This makes Heer shocked.  And Virat tells her to go away from here and do not show her gross face again.  Heer says that she had loved him since the day he saved her and today he wants end everything .  Heer asks Virat’s sister-in-law to say something to Virat.  Heer says that Virat loved Harman and Soumya’s love story and when their love story was going to be completed , he ended it all.  Virat says that Harman was mad who loved a girl like Soumya and he cannot be like him.  Heer gets angry and tells him to stop his nonsense.  Soham also says that Soumya was his mother and he would not hear such dirty words about his mother.  Virat says that she cannot be anyone’s mother.  Heer asks him why he is doing such things.  Virat tells her because her Gulabo is a transgender.  Heer and Soham are shocked.  Heer angrily screams at Virat and tells him to stop his nonsense .  Virat says that if you don’t know about it than ask your family, they will tell you.  Virat’s mother also tells her about sudhikarana puja.

Soham asks Virat if he doesn’t want to get married due to this reason.  Virat answers yes and leaves  from there.  Heer and Soham leave from there too and Virat’s mother suspects that Virat is hiding something.  On the other hand, Preeto is sitting in front of God and is praying.  Then Heer comes and asks Preeto whether Soumya was a kinnar.  Harak says that you go to the room and relax.  Soham says that he wants answers.  Preeto says yes and says that its true that Soumya was a kinnar.  After hearing the truth, Soham and Heer’s senses fly away.  Heer falls in the ground in shock and remembers how Soumya used to introduce her to the kinnars.

Heer says that Virat broke her marriage because of her.  And Soumya gave her the world’s greatest sorrow and took away her love.  Soham asks why they did not tell them the truth that she is a kinnar.  Preeto says that all three of you were not her blood, yet she loved you very much and played on her life for you. So what difference does it make if she was a kinnar. Heer says that it makes a difference because even today people only remember that she was a kinnar.  Heer says that Soumya broke her dream of marrying Virat and now she understands why Soumya used to introduce her to the kinnars again and again.  Heer says that she used to take Soumya’s name again and again in front of Virat.  And today Soumya devastated everything.

Heer says that Soumya ruined everything.  And why does Soumya’s family let her marry someone because the world of kinnars is different.  Rohan tells Heer to calm down.  Heer says she finds Soumya’s love story great but she was an idiot.  Ravi says that she does not know how much Soumya has sacrificed for her.  Heer says that she has avenge her by sacrificing her love.  Heer says that they have all cheated on her and she will not forgive anyone nor will be with them.  After this Heer leaves the house.