Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 24th March 2020 Written Update: Sant’s outburst

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 24th March 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Preeti who asks Mahi what are you doing?  Today after so many years your love has woken up for Heer, and despite my refusal you gave her vermilion.  Mahi says, because I know how important sindoor is to a married woman.  Because I got nothing but vermilion from my marriage.  And the kid I got by deception also turned out to be a shemale.

Mahi says, I always told you that , Let’s tell Heer her truth but you did not listen to me.  And now you are dealing with him like that. Which i can’t bear and if you guys still not stop then i will give her poison. So that her destiny is over.

While on the other hand Sant and his family trying to remove vermilion from Virat’s hand but Virat says, this is the color of my love won’t come off so easily. And even if the color comes out, nothing will happen because Heer is sitting in my breath and in my heart and no one can get her out  from there.

Virat then tells his father that whenever i close my eyes i see Heer. Sant says, I still won’t let the two of you meet. Do you understand that. That Heer will never be the daughter-in-law of my house. Virat says, now nothing can be done as she has already become your daughter-in-law, because she is now my lawful wife.

Here then  Harak comes and asks Virat to forget Heer as she is not in your destiny and your family members also do not like her.  Virat says, so what, I love her, and that’s enough.  Virat’s grandfather also tries to convince Harak. But Hark tells Virat that, if you show me around my granddaughter, i swear to god. I will shoot you. And he went from there.

Later Sant hits Virat as he wants to remove Virat’s thoughts about Heer. But Virat still mentioneing Heer in front of him and tells him that i and Heer promise each others that if we can’t live together then we will die. Because this life is of no use without Heer.

Sant hits Virat until he fainted. Virat’ s grandfather then says, that all of you made of stones, who has no emotions towards human. Home is builts with love, trust, and emotions but you guys can’t even understand this little thing.

While on the other hand Heer tells Preeto that there is something wrong with Virat please sent me to him. But Preeto tells her that, you two can’t be together. Heer then say, if that the case, then i will die because life without Virat is useless. (Episode end)