Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 24th September 2020 Written Update: Shano and Soham’s plan fails

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 24th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shaano informs everyone that the car that Heer, Preeto and Harak use has exploded. Mahi is shocked to hear this, Heer’s words start wandering in her mind. While Shano’s husband says if Shano’s mind is spoiled and asks her who told her so. Soham tells that he found this out through a call.

Soham asks them to walk to the place where the accident happened. They reach there Soham and Shano pretend to cry. Ravi asks the policeman where her family members are. Police say they found only an empty car here. Then Preeto calls Soham and informs him that she is all right. Soham gets angry. Preeto tells Soham to talk to Heer.

 Heer tells Soham that he should not be worried because they are fine. And Heer tells him how Preeto realizes something wrong and they are saved. Heer gives him the details of the entire incident. And tells that Preeto found something wrong in the half way and asked them to stop the car in a hurry.

And they found the bomb fit in the car and in a hurry they ran away and survived. After that she hangs up the phone. Soham gets angry and Ravi and Sindhu taunt him that he should have done homework on Preeto’s sharp mind before making a move. Mahi angrily tells Soham how dare he do this.

 Shaano says she hates Heer, then why is she doing this drama. Mahi says that she hates her but not so much that anyone tries to kill her and she remain silent. She warns Soham that don’t even dare to think of doing something like this.

Next Virat asks Gurminder if he really needs to marry Jharana. Gurminder says that perhaps his fate is a Jharana. Heer is giving her exam there. And Virat is getting ready for his wedding. Heer remembers Virat’s proposal while giving exams.

There Jharana also comes ready in a bridal dress and tells Virat that all this is like a dream. In a while, Heer’s exam ends. She exits the exam hall. Harak asks how was the exam.

Parmeet tells Sant that the Pandit has not come yet. Sant calls Pandit and asks where he is. Pandit tells that his car has broken down and will come in a while. Sant tells this to Parmeet. Virat ask can they not start marrige without Pandit. Everyone laughs at him. And they say no. Jharan says she did not know that Virat is so excited to marry her.

Then Malika and the other eunuchs come to collect the saguna on the auspicious occasion of marriage. Next Virat is roaming on the road and falls victim to an accident. There Heer comes home and Mahi hugs her. Heer is taken aback. Episode end.

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