Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas ki 25th July 2019 Written Update: Saaya consoles Saumya!

Episode starts with  Mallika cursing Preeto. Everyone gets shocked. Mallika asks Preeto to count, as her bad day is going to start soon. The eunuchs clap and take a round of Preeto. Saumya tries to stop Mallika pushes Saumya away. Saumya cries. Preeto claps back and laughs loudly. Others too laugh with her.

Preeto says to Mallika that her curse will not work. She asks the eunuchs to leave. She pushes away Mallika hardly. Saumya goes behind her.

Harman comes and sees them. He walks away without saying anything. Harman says to Saumya that he has called her to attend his marriage functions and ask her to leave, as wedding is done now. Vedant interrupts and asks Harman to behave properly. Harman gives a befitted reply to Vedant and goes inside. There, Preeto ask Mallika to go.

Harman ask to close the door. Preeto ask Mahi to close the door and protect the house from the evil eye, as it’s her responsibility from now. Mahi closes the door. Saumya and Vedant stand out. Saumya gets teary.

Vedant says to Saumya that her God has closed the door for her and now she has only option to come with him.

Palak says to Preeto that her sister is innocent and if ever she does any mistake than be polite with her. Preeto says to Palak that they will treat Mahi as their own daughter. Harak says thank you to Palak for supporting him and his family.

Harak stops Harman from leaving. He asks him to go to his room, as Mahi is waiting from her. Harman says he don’t want to go. He asks Harak to let him go. Harak calls Veeran and the duo forcefully takes Harman to his room. Harak locks the room. Harman bangs the door and ask him to open it.

Saumya  talks with the moon. Mallika comes to meet her. Mallika consoles Saumya and says Harman and Saumya’s love story can’t end just like that. Suamya pours her out to Mallika. The duo talks with each other. Saumya thanks Mallika for always being there with her for every thick and thin. Saaya tells to Saumya that HAYA can’t get over and her sacrifice will not be wasted.

Vedant hears and says for him this is only the end of Harman and Saumya’s lovestory and he will celebrate.

Harman and Saumya sees the moon. Saumya says today is Harman’s first night and prays to God to give Harman all the happiness which she won’t be able to give him being his wife. Harman turns and recalls his first night moment with Saumya. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Preeto ask Mahi about the last night. Vedant addresses Saumya as Gulabo. He asks Saumya to choose the outfits and other decorations for their real wedding. Saumya lashes Vedant for calling her Gulabo.