Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25th September 2020 Written Update: Parmeet and Jharana call Heer ill-fated

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahi hugs Heer and Heer says she is fine, she doesn’t need to worry. Shaano’s husband asks Harak if he is alright and does he know who did this to him. Harak say nothing about it and ask him to go to the factory for some work. Then Harak takes Soham to a room.

And Heer tells Mahi to calm down and tries to lighten her mood. There Harak tells Soham that what he has done today was a very bad act and he will pay the consequences. Rohan tells Soham that he is doing very wrong with his own sister. But Soham says now his decision will not change. Preeto says then he should get ready for the outcome. Because very soon he will regret for all his actions and at that time he will remember the love of Heer and family.

There, Mahi says that she will cook Heer’s favorite food and she ask Heer to clean herself. Heer starts leaving, but then a call comes and they find out that Virat has fallen victim to an accident. Heer and Preeto leave on hearing this. Mahi prays to God that nothing should happen to Virat as he is the only one who can protect Heer.

 Heer and others arrive at the hospital and Preeto asks Parmeet if Virat is alright. Parmeet does not say anything. Heer then asks Gurminder the same question Gurminder is telling her but Parmeet stops her. And says that she should not tell anything to the people outside. Preeto says that they only come here to know how Virat is  because he is like their child, then why are they misbehaving like this.

 Parmeet says that because  all this is happened due to her ill-fated granddaughter Heer. She says Heer comes to attend their wedding and all this happened. Preeto says that her daughter-in-law came to call her and that is why Heer came or else they have no interest in someone’s wedding.

Heer says but how did all this happen. No one tells her anything Heer asks Malika because she too was there. But Malika also says nothing. Heer says why no one is telling her what happened. Then Jharana says angrily that all this happened because she is a misfortune and spoils everything wherever she goes.

 She says that first she spoiled her marriage and now her. Jharana catches her hand and asks her to leave. Heer says she will not go anywhere and will stay here. Parmeet  holds her hand and taking her out. But Preeto stops her and says that Heer will stay and she will also see who can stop Heer.

Furious Soham tells Shano what he will do now. Shaano says that they will wait until the result of Heer’s exam comes and if she passes it then Harak will give a very big party and taking advantage of that opportunity, they will tell everyone the truth of Heer. Soham says that no, he will not let Heer know her truth. Shaano asks but why. Soham says that Heer deserves a big punishment and this is very small punishment for her.

There Heer says that Virat is very careless when Gurminder comes there and says Heer to leave these things and says that she should go and meet Virat right now because everyone is sleeping. Heer goes to Virat and tells him how much she loves him and how she was always get ready for him. Heer says that she never forgot Virat and she will never break their friendship. Episode end.

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