Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 26th August 2019 Written Update: Saumya learns a shocking truth about Harman’s baby!

Episode begins with Harak asking to Preeto about the baby. Saumya looks at the baby from far and smiles. Preeto tells that it’s a daughter. Harak gets happy. He asks Preeto to give baby to him.

Harak gives Heer name to the baby and gets happy. Preeto refuses and says she will not give baby to anyone. Harak says she has gone crazy after becoming grandmother.

Saumya gets happy and prays to God to return Harman. Harak sees Saumya and yells at her for coming to the hospital. Nurse comes and says doctor is calling baby for the check.

Preeto refuses to give baby to the nurse. Saumya stands out the room and gets happy. Preeto sees her and takes Saumya aside. Saumya asks Preeto is everything is fine. She asks Preeto why she is crying.

Preeto tells to Saumya that- Harman and Mahi’s baby is kinnar. Saumya stands shocked. Saumya cries and consoles Preeto.

Mallika gets a call from the hospital. Nurse tells to Mallika that at city hospital one kinnar has taken the birth. She asks Mallika to come and take the baby.

Saumya asks Preeto to handover Heer to her, as she and Mallika will raise her. Preeto says she will not let Heer to go to Kinnar’s.

Preeto says like the way Nimmi fought for her she too will take care of Heer. Harak comes with the sweet box and gives it Saumya. He asks her to have sweet because a daughter took birth at his house.

Preeto says to Saumya that she will raise the kid and asks Saumya whether she will her support or not.

Saumya tries to explain that society won’t let Heer to live in peace.  Preeto says to Saumya that she will give new Saumya to the world in the form of Heer, as she will raise her in Preeto’s way. She tells to Saumya that she will make Heer strong to face the world. Preeto again asks Saumya do she will support her or not?

Mallika and Chameli get shocked seeing Mahi with the Kinnar baby.

Saumya recalls the flashback. Mallika recalls her curse which she has given to Preeto. She cries and says how this happened. She says to Chameli that it seems Harak family doesn’t know the truth. Mallika plans to kidnap the child.

Chameli goes inside the room to distract Mahi. Meanwhile, Mallika takes Heer out of the room.

Saumya stops Mallika and ask her to return Heer to her. Mallika says she has seen what all happened with Saumya and now she will not let the history to repeat. Saumya says she is one Kinnar but Heer is Harman’s blood. And she along with Preeto will raise her.

Preeto tells to Mallika that her curse worked but now if she will take Heer than she will never get over from her curse. She asks Mallika to return Heer, as she is dear to her same like Saumya was dear to Nimmi

Mallika says Harak after knowing the truth will kill Heer. Preeto and Saumya stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Preeto tells to Mahi that Heer is not a girl but a kinnar. Mahi cries and says she will tell to the family about her truth. Preeto pushes Mahi to the bed. Meanwhile, someone knocks at the door.