Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 26th March 2020 Written Update: Heer and Virat’s battle for love

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 24th March 2020 Written Update:

Today’s episode starts with Heer who asks Preeto the reason behind she rejectes her marriage. Then out of frustration Preeto tell her that because you are a shemale this makes everyones suprised. But this Shano’s dream. Because in reality Preeto stood silently in front of Heer. Here then Harak asks Heer to shut up and go to your room.

Heer says, i will not go, i want my answers, Harak then asks Ravi to locks her in the room. Heer says, you can’t always do this to me i need answers from my questions. But everyone ignores her. And then Heer says, you all are liars who desperately want me and Virat separate. I will never forgive you.

Then Heer’s elder brother tells her that don’t curse your own family, it doesn’t suits you. Heer says Veer ji i am your sister. You loves me alot. Then why you supporting them. You knows that they are wrong still you supporting them. Rohan avoids her words and locks her into room. Here Virat coming to save his Heer.

While Heer on the other hand pleads in front of her family. But no one understands her love for Virat and keep ignoring her pleading. Meanwhile Sant tells everyone that if anyone tries to help Virat i will break yours legs. And then he asks his father to come with me as we need to go to the bank so we can freeze Virat’s credit and debit cards. When Sant baksh opened the front door he sees a letter which Virat wrotes  that he is deeply in love with Heer and no one can stop him from loving Heer.

Then Virat’s grandfather says that you done  good as you has thrown Virat out of the house and now he will show his love in front of the whole world. On the other hand, Virat breaks his bank card as if his father cannot accept his love.  Then he does not even need his father’s money and he gives the rest of  money to a beggar. 

While some eunuchs also witnesses this scene and gets surprised by Virat’s action. Then that beggar tie a holy rope on Virat’s hands and bless him with it . Meanwhile , Malika asks Nutan to leave her house, and tells her that  never try to make your face visible here. Nutan again promise her that I will never come here but if you harass Heer in any way, I will not be afraid to stand against you all. And then she leaves.

On the other side, Virat comes to Harak’s house to take his wife Heer.  While Harak and Rohan try to stop him.  Later Virat say, father-in-law does not welcome his son-in-law so angrily. Now go and call Heer, There Heer also listens Virat’s sound and asks to open the door.

While on the other hand Harak and Rohan pushes Virat and asks him to leave. Virat start breaking  the things so that Heer feels that her family members beating him so that she will come out from her room by her own power.