Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 27th August 2019 Written Update: Heer’s kinnar identity shocks Mahi!

Episode starts with Mallika saying Harak will kill the child when he will learn Heer is kinnar.

Saumya says; like the way Nimmi has protected her she will along with Preeto will raise Heer and will always protect her. Preeto supports Saumya but Mallika refuses to give the child. The duo does an argument. And later, Mallika gives Heer back to Saumya.

Saumya gives Heer to Preeto and ask her to take her inside. Mallika says she is leaving for now but she promise whenever she will get a chance she will abduct the child.

Saumya says Nimmi was alone when she protected her but with Heer there is two Nimmi’s in front of her.  She asks Mallika to promise her that she will not tell Heer’s truth to anyone. Mallika agrees to Saumya. Saumya comes and informs Chameli that Mallika returned home and she too can go.

Preeto keeps the baby in the cradle. Harak comes from behind, ask Saumya what she doing here, and insults her. Harak ask Saumya to leave.

At Kinnar house everyone dances. Mallika comes and everyone ask about the baby.

Mallika goes to her room and cries, and regrets for cursing Preeto. She blames herself for cursing Preeto and. Chameli support Mallika and says who will take birth on this earth only God decides. Mallika cries. She decides to bring Heer with her at any cost and says she will raise Heer with her identity at her house. Otherside, Saumya decides to protect Heer.

At hospital, Harak ask Preeto to go home and take rest. Preeto refuses. Raavi too asks Preeto to go home. Preeto yells at Raavi and says she will not go anywhere leaving Heer.

Harak family brings Heer home. Harak and everyone dance outside their house. Preeto imagines Harman too dancing along with them and gets happy. Harman smile and Preeto looks for him. She sees Mallika standing and takes Heer inside.

Mahi says to Preeto let’s change Heer’s clothes. Preeto says she will come with her and asks Mahi not to give child to anyone initially, as she will catch infection.

Preeto thinks to tell Mahi about Heer’s identity. Mahi talks with Heer.

Preeto tells to Mahi that Heer is not a girl but a kinnar. Shanno thinks what Preeto and Mahi is planning she needs to check. Preeto says to Mahi that Mallika’s curse worked.

Mahi steps back and cries. Preeto says it doesn’t matter to her because she is Harman’s daughter. Mahi stands shocked (Episode Ends).

Precap: Mahi sits with Heer for some ritual. Mallika decides to abduct the child from Harak house.