Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 27th May 2021 Written Update: Harman finds himself in a dilemma

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 27th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Harman trying to overhear whom Parmeet is talking to? He leaves and enters his room. He gets shocked seeing the room decorations. Mahi turns on the light and comes to Harman in red saree. She dances with Harman romantically. Harman gives her company forcefully. Mahi throws rose petals at him. Mahi gets overjoyed. She touches Harman and is about to kiss him but Harman pushes her behind. Mahi says I knew you are lying to me. You are doing this for some other reason.

Harman says he needs some time to forget Saumya completely, he can’t get ready for the intimacy with Mahi so soon. Mahi says she is not able to trust him, how can he accept her all of a sudden forgetting about Saumya. She asks Harman tell me the real reason. Harman says you have to trust me, I won’t do injustice to you. Mahi says Harman didn’t accept her even after all these years, he also didn’t get ready to apply sindoor on her forehead. Harman tells her to wait for two three days more, after marriage she will believe him. Mahi says she can’t wait anymore, she wants assurance right now that Harman wants to accept her.

Mahi tells Harman to hug her. Harman refuses. But Mahi insists saying what’s wrong in it if we hug each other and you assure me that you love me. Harman finds no choice but agreeing. He recalls Virat’s words what if he gets stuck in another problem. Harman thinks he is doing it for saving Saumya only. He goes towards Mahi and is about to hug her but Virat knocks on the door. Virat tells I hope I didn’t disturb you two. He tells Harman to go with him for some work. Harman agrees.

Virat brings alcohol bottles for Harman. He says I knew you were in trouble when I saw Mahi is entering your room getting dressed up. Virat tells further that I understand your situation, I also loved Heer truly. I know how it feels to stay with another woman. Harman drinks the alcohol. Virat says Harman’s fake marriage drama can create more problems. Harman reveals his plan that seeing my marriage drama Angel will bring Saumya in front of me to hurt her even more. She hates Saumya so much that she will first try to break her heart emotionally.

Virat says she can kill Saumya too. Harman says not so easily. They notice someone’s shadow and run to catch the person. One person comes downstairs and disappears. Harman and Virat search for that person and check all the rooms. They come to garden. Harman says it’s safe place to discuss our plan. Harman says that informer is keeping eyes on us. We have to catch that person. Angel calls Harman and asks does he really want to marry Mahi? Angel says she knows he is with Virat on terrace.

Harman gets shocked. Angel cuts the call. Harman tells Virat how Angel is getting to know everything. Virat says tomorrow is fake engagement. He comes up with a plan saying they can take everyone’s phone and can check the call logs, contacts etc. The informer will get caught.

Episode ends.

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