Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 28th July 2021 Written Update: Geetu calls Heer for help

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 28th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Geetu asking house help is there anyone present in the house. House help says everyone is out for some work. Geetu realises she is alone. She goes to give food to Daljeet.

Saumya meets Balwindar and warns him not to come back in Raavi’s life to trouble her again. Balwindar says he wants Raavi back and they have a son too. Saumya says you can’t destroy Raavi’s life after all these years. Preeto and Harman notice Saumya and wonder why she is hiding things from them. Harman assumes Saumya is dealing with a problem alone for sure. They go to see whom she is talking to. Seeing Balwindar Harman asks him why is he here? Balwindar says after releasing from jail he wants to stay with his wife, what’s wrong in it. Saumya where were you all these years, you came out of jail long time ago. Harman tells they should know what Raavi wants. If Raavi wants to reject Balwindar then Harman will throw him out.

Guru tells Virat to take Heer to terrace. Guru says you are my friend so I am expecting you to help. Virat talks to Heer and is about to inform about Guru’s motive but Heer gets call from Geetu. Geetu cries and tells Heer to come back home urgently. Heer and Virat rush to home. Guru calls Virat but the latter doesn’t pick.

Raavi calls everyone in hall. Preeto enters and says she has something important to talk about. Preeto tells Raavi her family will always support her. Raavi asks what happened? Harman tells Balwindar to come in. Raavi gets shocked to see him. She loses her balance and Preeto holds her.

FB is shown where Balwindar tried to harass Saumya and manipulated her against Harman. Raavi caught them. Later Balwindar threatened Harak saying he needs money else he will reveal Saumya’s truth. FB ends. Balwindar falls on Raavi’s foot and says sorry to her. He says noone is ready to accept him not even his parents. He realised his mistake so if Raavi loves him still she can forgive him. Balwindar pleads before Raavi and seeks apology. He says he is really guilty.

Heer asks Geetu what happened to her. Why is she crying? Virat gives water to Geetu. Gurwindar comes in the meantime and asks Geetu what happened. Geetu says she got scared alot. Preeto tells Raavi she has sacrificed a lot for the family and when Balwindar is back Raavi should think of forgiving him. Saumya says they are with Raavi, whatever will be her decision they will support her.

Geetu says the milk has split so she got nervous. Virat bursts out laughing hearing her. Heer tells him not to. Heer asks Geetu because of this small reason you called me? Daljeet says this is new house for her so maybe she got nervous. Daljeet says he is going for shopping with Gurwindar. Geetu can accompany them for a change. Gurwindar says Daljeet planned a surprise marriage anniversary party for Parmeet and Sant. Virat praises Daljeet for this idea. Daljeet says lately he understood family’s importance. He leaves with Gurwindar and Geetu. Heer wonders just because of the milk how Geetu got so scared.

Episode ends

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