Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 28th May 2021 Written Update: Parmeet gets exposed by Harman and Virat

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 28th May 2021 Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone is busy preparing for the engagement. Harman thinks he is doing all these to get information of that informer. Mahi comes and Virat tells Preeto to start the ritual. Preeto performs it unhappily and makes Mahi wear red chunri. Mahi says to Harman they are getting married for the second time. It’s weird but she is happy.

Harman recalls what he said to Virat. Virat says engagement is incomplete without dance performances. He starts dancing and teases Harman. Harman also joins him. Virat engages other members in dancing. Everyone dances along with Harman and Mahi. Harman and Virat trick all the members and take their phones without their knowledge. Harman passes some to Virat. Virat starts checking them and Mahi notices Virat and thinks what is he doing there alone. She is about to call Virat but Harman stops her and alerts Virat. Harman takes Mahi with him for dance. They give a romantic performance. Virat checks all the phones in the meantime. Virat signals Harman that his work is done.

Virat checks the photos and proofs in laptop with Harman. He gets to know who is the informer. He informs Sant over phone. Parmeet and Mahi check all the sarees. Harman and Virat come to them. Mahi asks Harman how’s the saree? They overlook her and look at Parmeet. Virat asks Parmeet where is Angel? Everyone gets shocked. Parmeet acts like she doesn’t know anything. Virat tells they know everything and he feels upset over the fact that Parmeet is also deceiving him like his brother. Why she hates Heer so much? Sant comes and asks Virat angrily how can he blame her mother.

Harman says he has proof. He shows it to Sant saying Angel is getting all the informations of us. It started happening when Parmeet came to this house. Sant says that doesn’t mean Parmeet is behind this. Harman says he will check Parmeet’s phone. Harman shows the same photo in Parmeet’s phone which Angel sent him. Harman says how can the photos be similar. Parmeet refuses to confess her crime and blames Preeto saying she is trying to demean Parmeet so that Virat hates her and lives with a kinnar. Harman shouts at Parmeet that he can’t tolerate his daughter and mother’s insult anymore. Virat requests Sant to find the criminal as soon as possible.

Virat goes outside and is left shattered. He breaks bottles. Harman consoles him. Virat says he never thought his mother can do something like this. Harman says he is feeling proud of Virat as whatever he did is no doubt praiseworthy. Harman says fighting with family is tough and he can understand what Virat is going through as he also fought with Preeto and Harak for Saumya. Virat says he wants to stay alone for some time. Harman says mothers are like that, they only care for their children’s happiness. Harman assures Virat that he is with him always. Harman thinks he should tell the truth to Mahi as the informer got exposed already. He doesn’t want to give Mahi pain anymore.

Episode ends

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