Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 29th August 2019 Written Update: Mallika kidnaps Heer from Harak house!

Today’s episode starts with Mallika she takes out the keys and goes inside Harak house.

Mallika takes the Heer and  Preeto wakes up from the sleep. Harak stops Preeto from going to meet Heer. Mallika keeps anklet in the cradle and Mahi catches her.

Mallika ask Mahi not to block her way. Mahi than she should suggest something so that she can take Heer and should don’t fall low in Preeto’s eye. Preeto gets restless. Mallika keeps Heer back in the cradle and gives chloroform to Mahi. Mahi falls down Mallika asks forgiveness from God.

Preeto ask Harak to leave her but Harak ask her to sleep. Preeto says she is not feeling good thus she will go out and come. Meanwhile, Mallika goes out from the house.

Preeto comes to check Heer and gets shocked seeing empty cradle. She rushes to find Heer. Mallika ask Chameli to leave. Saumya comes and stops Mallika. She says she won’t let her to take Heer. Mallika says let her take Heer. Saumya ask Mallika to return Heer. Preeto too comes and takes Heer from Saumya’s hand.

Preeto wakes Mahi and she gets shocked seeing Heer. Preeto questions her how she didn’t come to know when Mallika was taking Heer. Saumya too ask same question from Mahi. Mahi stands shocked. Preeto makes Mahi to promise on Heer that whenever Heer will be in difficult situation she will protect her.

Preeto ask Saumya to give anklet to her so that none will come to know. Saumya says she will take it with her.Saumya gives anklet and asks the man to turn it into God’s locket. Man asks her to wait for a while. Saumya recalls her childhood. Saumya sees God’s locket and gets happy.

Saumya comes to Mallika. She says she wants to talk something important with her. Mallika asks Saumya to speak. Saumya makes Mallika to recall the past and tells her that she made God’s locket out of the anklet which she has kept in Heer’s cradle. Priest says now he will keep name of the baby. Harak says he already kept her name Heer. Priest says it is a good name.

Saumya comes to Singh house to attend Heer’s naming ceremony. Everyone gives gift to Heer. Saumya says whole life she will take care of Heer that will be her gift for Heer. Shanno taunts Saumya. Saumya says to Preeto to allow her to do Heer’s massage daily. Preeto handovers Heer to Saumya and says from now she will only do massage of Heer. Singh family stands shocked.

Precap: Shanno about to change Heer’s diaper but Suamya stops her. Shanno says she will only change her daiper today. Saumya stands shocked.