Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 29th July 2019 Written Update: Harman and Vedant’s face-off | Harman learns about Saumya’s sacrifice!

Episode starts with Harman looking at Mahi while she holds his hand. Harman ask her to leave his hand. Mahi says he didn’t drink tea she didn’t say anything but she ‘d not allow him to drink. Mahi asks her Harman to come for the breakfast. Harman agrees to Mahi and go with her.

Saaya and Chameli discuss about Harman and Saumya. She says she can’t tell Harman the truth. Chameli says one day Harman will learn the truth and no one can stop Harman and Saumya to unite.

At Vedant’s house someone knock. Vedant’s sister Rekha and her family arrive. Rekha hugs Vedant and ask what happened to her. Mr. Bansal too greet Rekha.

Rekha says she’ll do Vedant’s marriage with full celebration. Saumya brings snacks for all. Rekha asks Rohan to wash his hand. Rohan gets angry. Mr. Bansal tries to calm him down but champ gets angrier.

Saumya says she will handle and takes Rohan away. Vedant and Mr. Bansal praise Saumya. Rekha gets shocked hearing Saumya has a kid too.

Saumya talks with champ and tells him about chintu. She tells him the story. Champ asks her to tell him story about hero and heroine. Saumya tells him about her and Harman’s story and recalls her past. Vedant interrupts them. Rohan asks Saumya who is the Villan of the story and points at

Saumya shows Rohan Harman’s pic. Rohan says he’ll pray to God to punish the villan. Champ dials Harman’s number from Saumya’s mobile. Saumya comes with milk and Harman from otherside says Hello. He was about to hang up the call but hears Vedant’s voice.

Vedant tells to lawyer that he has hidden the truth from Harman and asks him to destroy all the information related to the case. Harman overhears his talk. Vedant confesses he has blackmailed Saumya to marry him. Harman stands stunned. Harman recalls his past and gets angry. He takes out his gun and thinks something.

Vedant and his family plays in the garden. Champ says we all will play hide and seek. Everyone plays with him.

Harman takes away Vedant to other place and puts him on gun point. Harman confronts Vedant. He beats Vedant hard. Vedant beats him back.

Harman beats him back hardly. He says he snatched Saumya from him and now he will kill him. Saumya comes in front of the gun and ask Harman to kill her first. Harman looks at her.

Harman ask Saumya to move back. Saumya gets tensed and thinks Harman don’t know about her fake marriage. She says Vedant is her husband now. Harman says to Saumya that she didn’t have to fear Vedant. Saumya asks Harman to go back to Mahi. Vedant calls to police.
Harman says he will not leave her alone with Vedant. He says he will kill him today. Police comes to arrest and takes him away.

Harman runs behind Saumya and says to her that she don’t have to sacrifice anything for him. Saumya pleads to Harman and ask him to go back to Mahi.

Harman shouts again and says to Saumya that she don’t have to do any sacrifice.

Harman comes back home and vents out his anger on Saumya. Raavi supports Saumya. Harman ask her why she always supports that Saumya.

Raavi tells her that Saumya didn’t betray him but sacrificed her love for his sake. She tells Harman that Saumya married Vedant on the same day when he got bail because Vedant has blackmailed her and asked her to marry him, if she wants to see Harman out from jail. Sindhu too praises Saumya.

Raavi tells Harman that Saumya in return gave him Mahi so that he can live a happy life. Harman stands shocked and says what blunder he did. He cries and says he did wrong. He says Saumya did so much for him and he blamed her.

Harman says he did wrong and accused Saumya. He says Saumya didn’t betrayed him but he is betrayed her and falls down.

Vedant questions Saumya and asks her how Harman got to know. He says if Harman will try to snatch her he will kill him. Saumya yells at Vedant and says she can do anything for Harman which he can’t even imagine. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Preeto says to Harak that now they have to gear up to separate Harman and Saumya. Harman comes to meet Saumya and ask her to come back home. Saumya pleads Harman and ask him to return home. She turns to go back but Harman holds her hand.