Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 29th May 2021 Written Update: Harman slaps Virat

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 29th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Harman entering Mahi’s room. He calls her and checks in the washroom. Mahi’s phone rings and Harman hears it. He searches for the phone and finally gets it from a hidden place. Harman gets shocked seeing all the photos Angel sent Mahi. Harman understands that Mahi framed Parmeet when she herself is the informer.

Harman tells about it to Virat. Virat gets angry and says we should talk to Mahi right now. Harman tells him not to as Mahi already has idea about their plan that’s why she framed Parmeet now if she gets caught Angel will be cautious and can harm Saumya and Heer. Virat asks then what? My mother has been blamed for false accusation. Harman says they will tell everything to Sant and Parmeet but they won’t reveal Mahi’s name as only Mahi can take them to Angel. Mahi calls Harman. The latter gets shocked and he hides Mahi’s phone behind his back but it falls down mistakenly. Virat places his foot on it and stops Mahi from seeing it. He diverts the topic saying Harman was trying to console him. Mahi asks Harman what are you doing here? She also says I can’t forgive Parmeet for what she has done today. How can she hate my daughter this much! Mahi shouts and accuses Parmeet. Virat loses his calm and is about to reveal that his mother is innocent. Harman slaps him saying he won’t misbehave with Mahi again. He takes Virat with him. Mahi gets impressed and says Harman slapped Virat for her.

Virat asks Harman how can he slap him when he considered Harman as his idol. Harman says he had no other option, they can’t afford to lose Saumya and Heer. Virat has to control his anger else their plan will be flopped. Harman tells Virat to tell everything to Sant. Harman goes back to Mahi’s room to keep the phone there. Virat calls Sant and tells him about Mahi. He tells Sant not to react until tomorrow. Sant agrees. Sant lies to Parmeet and doesn’t reveal Mahi’s name. Harman hides the phone in Mahi’s room.

Harman and Virat wait for Mahi to come out. Virat thinks how will they get to know if Mahi talks to Angel in her room. Harman says Mahi has to come out if Angel meets her outside. They hear a vase falls down and it breaks. They notice a shadow too but don’t find anyone. Harman says he will go to Mahi’s room to check she is there or not.

Harman calls Mahi and Mahi comes out of washroom. Harman gets shocked. Mahi asks Harman why is he here? Harman says he came here to check Mahi is alright or not. He heard vase sound. Mahi smiles and says Harman started caring for her and what more a woman can want from her husband? She tries to get close to Harman and Harman feels awkward. Juice falls on Harman and he takes permission from Mahi to use her washroom. Harman checks her phone but gets surprised to see that Angel didn’t call Mahi. Harman wonders how is it possible that at night also Angel didn’t try to contact Mahi. What game Mahi is playing.

Viran and Harak check the preparations. Harak says he is not getting the fact why Harman wants to marry Mahi in this difficult times. Saumya and Mahi are in danger and we are celebrating this doesn’t make sense. Viran agrees saying he doesn’t know what Harman wants.

Angel sends one of his men to Harman’s house who disguises himself as a waiter. Angel calls him and tells he will do exactly what she told him to do. That man enters in a waiter’s get up with water bottles. Virat and Harman notice him. Virat says he is not one of the waiters. He seems different. The go behind that person.

Episode ends

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