Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 29th October 2020 Written Update: Malika tells Preeto to stop the marriage

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 29th October 2020 Written Update on

Meher video calls Harak from hospital, she asks how is Heer, he says everything is fine, he got to know Sarab got attacked by bullet, if he is fine. Meher says he is recovering well, she is feeling bad for not being able to attend Heer’s marriage. She says she got a bad dream, some obstacle in Heer’s marriage. Harak says until he is there, he won’t let any obstacles touch Heer. He moves the phone and shows Heer as bride to Meher.

Virat dreams of dancing with Heer, everyone ask where he is lost, he tells Heer if she would look this beautiful he will be lost in her dreams. Priest asks them to put Varmala on each other. Malika is running to the venue.

Soham asks police who is the masked man he killed. Police ask him to keep quiet. Soham says everyone are Harak singh’s team.

Wedding rituals continue and Virat is about to put Sindoor on Heer. Malika shouts to stop. Parmeet asks why did she stop, its bad omen. Malika says this marriage can’t happen because Heer is, Preeto slaps her not letting her speak. Heer cries and tells Malika aunty, she doesn’t know why she said this marriage can’t happen. Harak and Preeto also agreed for wedding, her happiness lies with Virat. Preeto says she only made these kinnars sit on her head, that’s why they dared to come to her house and talk like this. She takes Malika out. Malika says she got bad dream about Heer.

Preeto asks her to think and speak, she is suffering from Malika’s curse till now. Malika says she regret cursing them. She knows Virat is Heer’s savior but he can’t stay 24 hours with her. His family will stay full time with Heer. Harman couldn’t hide Soumya’s identity truth from them. She reminds Preeto what all she did with Soumya. Preeto becomes numb remembering how she tortured Soumya.

Malika asks Preeto to send Heer to their kinnar’s place, atleast she will be alive. Inside, Mahi tells priest to continue, she tells Virat to tie mangalsutra to Heer. Preeto is coming inside, Malika’s words constantly ring in her head. Virat and Heer are taking 7 wedding vows. Preeto imagines Heer as kinnar taking vows with Virat. Harak observes Preeto and asks if everything is fine. Preeto says everything is fine till now, but if it has to remain fine, she has to become bad person. Priest asks them to proceed for 5th vow. Preeto tells them to stop, everyone look in her direction, Heer asks what happened.

Preeto removes Heer and Virat’s gathbandhan. She says they have to buy remaining 3 vows, Heer asks what does she mean by buying, Preeto says they have to abide her conditions. Everyone look shocked. Malika is seeing everything secretly from outside.

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