Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 2nd August 2019 Written Update: Vedant hears the conversation between Harman and Saumya


Episode starts with Harman saying he said till Saumya is in front of her he will not drink but now she left.

Mahi stopped Harman and ask him he was about to burn himself but stopped when Saumya came. Harman said yes because he only loves Saumya and need her in his life. He taunts Singh mates and goes from there.

Saumya says Vedant shouldn’t know that she went to meet Saumya. Vedant and Rohan in the park search for Saumya.

Vedant thinks that Saumya went to meet Harman. Rohan sees Saumya. Saumya wraps bandage on her foot and lie to Vedant. Vedant questions Saumya about her cramp. Rohan interrupts.

Mahi goes to check Harman. Harman sees Mahi and was about to leave. Mahi holds his hand. Harman asked her to leave his hand.

Mahi blocks his way. She cries in front of Harman and ask him why he is drinking so much. She says she can’t see him in this state. Mahi pleads in front of Harman and ask him to stop drinking.

Harman ask forgiveness from Mahi and calls Harak Singh. He goes down and asks Harak to give his property to Mahi so that she can live peacefully. Mahi says she only wants him in her life.

Harman says he can’t give himself to her as it only belongs to Saumya and goes away.

Harman self-talks and pours his heart out to the moon. Otherside, Saumya talks with herself. Harman and Saumya miss each other. (Kal Ho Na Ho song plays in the background).

In the morning milkman informs Mahi about Harman taking his cycle to go and purchase alcohol.

Rekha ask Saumya about her cramp. Rohan shows his excitement about Vedaant and Saumya marriage.

Saumya gets a call from Mahi. Mahi informs Saumya about Harman. She asks Suamya to stop Harman from drinking. Suamya thinks of a way to go to Harman.

Vedant hides microphone in her bag and says if Saumya is playing a game with him but she can’t fool him.

Saumya says she will go to meet Harman and will come back before Vedant.

Milkman waits for Harman. Harman come back and gives him back his key. He comes home with the alcohol. Harman thinks if Saumya would have wanted him to quit drinking than she would have been in front of her but she wants the same, so he will drink.

Harman in his room waits for Saumya. He screams from his room and ask Harak to inform when Saumya arrives. Veeran discuss with Harak about Harman. Shanno too joins them.

Saumya comes to the Singh house. Harman feels her presence. Singh mate’s gets shocked seeing Saumya.

Preeto comes to Mahi. Mahi shows Preeto that Saumya is incomplete though her husband loves her. But she is a comple woman and he don’t even look at her. Mahi cries.

Saumya goes to meet Harman. The duo talks with each other. Harman faints and falls down. Saumya screams Harman’s name. Preeto and others enters his room and panics.

Rekha ask Vedant how he came early. Vedant says his work got over soon so he came early. He thinks if Saumya is fooling him than he’ll not spare Harman and will destroy him.

Saumya ask Harman to wake up. Harak ask Veran to call doctor. Harman wakes up and says he will not die anytime soon. Saumya yells at Harman. Harman says he left his stubborn to get her long back but now he only want one thing.

Harman puts condition in front of Saumya that he’ll leave drinking when she will come to meet him regularly. Saumya agrees to Harman.

Harman says to Saumya that he has 3 months and now his life is in her hand. Saumya says she will try to come to meet him.

Harman says if she will not come to meet him regularly than he will start drinking again.

Vedant waits for Saumya. Saumya comes and he questions her. Saumya lies to him. Vedant checks Saumya’s bag. He takes out the microphone and Saumya stands shocked.

Next Week: Vedant breaks a bottle and says to Saumya that if her love for Harman is true than walk on the broken pieces. Saumya walks barefooted on the glass Harman feels the pain. Vedant stands shocked.

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