Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Geetu reveals Daljeet’s truth to Heer

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Geetu getting scared seeing Daljeet. Sant asks Heer what happened to Geetu. Heer replies ask this question to Daljeet who is showing fake happy pictures of the family. Heer reveals Daljeet harassed Geetu. Daljeet objects to her claim saying he was with Gurwindar in market then how came he will misbehave with Geetu. Gurwindar says she fainted in the market due to excessive heat so Daljeet took her to doctor and driver told her Daljeet was with her all the time then why Geetu is lying. Geetu says she is not lying. Parmeet shuts her up saying if Daljeet was with Gurwindar how he will molest you, Heer says if Daljeet is right then noone can change the fact that someone misbehaved with Geetu and it happened in their house so they should find out who did it. Parmeet says why they will do that, how can Heer trust a maid instead of Virat’s family members.

Parmeet says Heer is acting to be a part of their family but deep down she doesn’t consider them as family. Heer says she is just taking stand for the right thing, supporting a woman is not crime. She says Geetu’s medical test will happen as truth should be revealed. Heer tells Virat if he wants to support his family then she doesn’t have problem with that. Virat stops Heer and says he will always stand up for the right thing and a girl’s respect is indeed important for him. Parmeet gets shocked and asks Virat what is he saying. Virat says Heer never supports the wrong thing and if Daljeet is innocent then let the test happen, his innocence will be proved.

Heer is about to leave but Parmeet asks her do you really think Daljeet has done that. She questions Geetu’s character saying maybe she has an affair with any of the house helps. Heer feels disgusted and asks Parmeet just like Geetu doesn’t have proofs to prove her point, Parmeet also has no proof of Daljeet’s innocence. So once the test is over truth will come out. Daljeet says Geetu is gold digger and she put the blame on him because he got released from jail and he is the easy target for her. Geetu says she doesn’t need money. She reveals she shouldn’t have lied to Heer that day. Heer asks her what kind of lie.

Balwindar enters house and thinks to break Saumya and Raavi’s bond he has to win Saumya’s trust first. He uses Harman for his motive. He informs Harman about some problems in accounts section when it’s Balwindar’s foul play only. Harman fires the previous accountant and hires Balwindar as new accountant. Balwindar succeeds in his plan and acts like it’s such a huge responsibility but Harman insists him to handle the work.

Heer tells Geetu to reveal the truth. Geetu says she lied and made excuse of milk split but truth was Daljeet misbehaved with her in his room that day and she ran away. Daljeet starts his acting and says why will he take her help when they have other servants in the house. He pleads Geetu to not accuse him as he got his family back after long. Geetu says that day also Daljeet requested her to not reveal his truth but then he again harassed her. She didn’t want to separate him from his family. Heer asks Geetu why she did that when Daljeet didn’t think about her self respect. Heer loses her calm and hugs Geetu. Geetu breaks down.

Episode ends

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