Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Virat informs Harman about Saumya

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Angel and Daljeet getting caught by Harman and other members. Preeto says Jay Matadi angrily. Angel pushes Daljeet away and starts running from there. Viran and Harak catch Daljeet.

Angel while running falls down suddenly because of Preeto’s attack. Preeto hits her with a heavy thing. Harman comes there that time. He grabs Angel’s neck. Angel screams. Rest of the members come out with Daljeet. Angel gets up and she gives hateful stare to Preeto. Preeto gives her a tight slap saying Angel and Daljeet tried to fool them living in Harak’s house. She asks Harman when did he get clue of all this. Harman says Angel distracted them with fake proofs thats why they doubted Mahi and Parmeet. But later he realised Mahi is innocent. Harman then tells about Virat’s phone call after that he understood Angel and Daljeet can hide in storeroom. Harman asks Angel angrily tell me where is my Saumya and where is my Heer. Mahi gets shocked hearing him. Angel says forget about them, think about Virat, he is taking his last breath right now. Preeto gets shocked.

Virat stops the goons from escaping. He starts beating them continuously. He asks one of them about Heer and Saumya. Virat hears Saumya’s voice suddenly who is asking for help. Virat goes to check and knocks on the door. Saumya is seen held captive in a room. Virat asks is this Saumya’s voice ? Saumya shouts yes, please get me out of here.

Sant shows his disappointment towards Daljeet. Sant says how can he deceive his own family, how can he even think of killing Virat. Harman tells Parmeet that they knew she is innocent but they remained quiet to find out the truth. Parmeet gets angry and Sant clams her down. Harman reveals to Sant that Angel didn’t confess anything yet. Parmeet glares at Preeto. Parmeet gives her hand to her and Preeto holds it. Everyone gets surprised seeing that. Parmeet and Preeto tell Angel that when it comes to their children they will come together always and will support each other. Parmeet says Angel won’t be able to understand a mother’s power of love, she can’t harm their children. Angel looks on.

Virat searches for the entrance, he finds one stone and tries to break the lock. He calls Harman. Harman chokes Angel and asks her about Heer and Saumya. Angel gets scared and says she doesnt know anything. Harman gets Virat’s call and shows it to Angel saying you told us Virat is struggling to breath but he is fine. Virat tells Harman that he found Saumya. Harman gets happy. Angel’s goons cover Virat with net and beats him. Parmeet shouts Virat but he doesn’t answer. Parmeet asks Angel about where is Virat. Angel refuses to tell anything saying she is feeling sad for Parmeet as her one son is criminal and other son is going to die. Angel adds she wont confess anything even if she dies, she will teach all of them a lesson. Sant threatens Angel saying he will punish her badly. Police take Angel and Daljeet with them. Parmeet requests Harman to take Virat, Saumya and Heer back in the house. Preeto tells Harman to go. Harman rushes to find them.

Episode ends

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