Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 30th July 2019 Written Update: Harman comes to meet Saumya!


Today’s episode opens with Harman lying on floor and saying Saumya didn’t betray him. Harak tries to pick him up. Harman don’t let him come close to him. Ravi says she always knew that the one day Harman would go through the same pain. She says to Preeto that in her anger she spoiled three lives. Ravi cries and goes from there. Mahi ask Harman to come with her. She picks him up and takes him to the room. Harman goes to the room. He asks Mahi to stay away from him. He says this is his and Saumya’s room. Mahi cries. Harman pulls Mahi out from his room. Singh family looks at her.

In the morning someone knocks at Vedan’t house. Saumya goes to check and gets tensed seeing Harman. Harman ask Saumya to return with her. Saumya ask Harman to go back. Mr. bansal asks who is at door. Saumya lies to him. Saumya pleads to Harman and ask him to return back. Harman tries to convince her to come back with him. Saumya says now Mahi is his wife and the girl will bring happiness to him and his family. She says Mahi is in his destiny and he should not come back to her.

Saumya turns to go back and Harman holds her hand. Saumya struggles to free her hand. Saumya’s bangle comes out and Harman sees it. Saumya goes inside. She sees her missing bangle. Saumya goes to her room and cries. Harman looks at her bangle and recalls Vedant’s word (Naseeba song plays in the background).

Harman comes back home with Saumya’s bangle. Singh family looks at him. Mahi brings water but Harman ignores her and goes to her room. Preeto brings Harak and says if a man doesn’t get control by parent and wife than surely get controlled by his kid. She says it’s the right time Harman should plan for a baby. Harak and Preeto discusses about Harman. Preeto thinks of a plan. Harman and Harak drinks.

Harman pours his heart out to Harak. He says he is going to sleep. Harak ask Harman to sit and drink with him. Harak mixes something in Harman’s drink. Harman drinks it. He feels dizzy and goes to his room.
Preeto does make up Mahi and says it is a speacil night of her today. She says Harman will see today what he wants to see. Harak brings Harman to his room and lay him down.

Mahi gets ready, as Saumya. Preeto says she has to become Saumya to bring Harman closer to her. Mahi says she is scared and this is wrong. Preeto manipulates her and goes away. Mahi closes the door. She looks at Saumya’s bangle and picks it up. She wears her bangle and goes near to Harman. Mahi calls Harman and ask him to wake up.

Harman sees Saumya standing instead of Mahi. Harman caresses Mahi’s check instead of Saumya. Harman ask Mahi to get away. Mahi tries to act like Saumya. Harman once again touches Mahi thinking Sumaya.
Samuya dreams of Harman. She looks at her hand and prays to God that Harman should forget her and can move on in his life with Mahi. Harman imagines Saumya in Mahi and hugs her.

Mahi switches off the light. Harman wakes up and sees broken bangles. Mahi comes and knocks. Harman questions her about the broken bangle. Mahi says he was not in his senses last night so she brought him to the room and her bangle got broken. Harman yells at her and says she don’t have to take care of him and goes.

Mahi takes out Saumya’s bangle and says Saumya she was about to snatch her love. But now she understand that nor Harman can forget her neither anyone can take her place in his life. At night Saumya cries and Harman again comes back home drinking. Mahi goes to hold him but he goes away. Saumya takes care of Vedant and Vedant walks on his own feet.

Few days later Saumya missing Harman and Harman missing Saumya is same like before.
Two months later. Harman ask money from Preeto. Harak ask he will not give money to him for drinking. Harman says he will not give money for purchasing alcohol than he will buy poison. Preeto, Mahi and Harak stand shock. Preeto signals Harak to give him money. Harak yells at Harman for always blackmailing him. Mahi says to Harman that she will also come with him. Harman says she can come with him at her own risk.
Vedant, Saumya and Vhamp goes for the shopping. Champ ask did Hero met with the Heroines or not. Vedant says No they got separated forever.

Saumya senses Harman. Harman and Mahi come to the same market place. Rohan sees Harman and says look Hero is there. He runs towards him and greets him. Harman sees Saumya and Vedant. Champ introduces Harman to them. Vedant ask Rohan to come and have ice-cream. Champ asks Harman to accompany him. He drags Harman with him.

Champ asks Harman how he knows Saumya. He tells him how he called him that day from Saumya’s mobile. Vedant thinks and says so Harman got to know the truth via Champ. He asks Champ to tell Harman why he is in India. Champ says he came to India to attend Vedant’s wedding. Harman and Saumya stands shocked.

Precap: Doctor says if Harman didn’t stop drinking than his life will get over. Preeto panics. Mahi runs to Samuya and tells her about Harman’s health. She asks Saumya to do a favor on her unborn child and protect Harman. Saumya stands shocked.

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