Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 30th July 2020 Written Update: Shano’s cunning plan fails

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 30th July 2020 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat comes from the window to Heer’s room.  Heer sees him and asks him the reason for his arrival.  Virat apologizes to her and says that he really loves her very much.  Heer asks him about revenge.  Virat says that he only said it in anger.  And he asks her to forgive him.  Heer forgives him and hugs him and tells him not to leave her. 

Then Heer wakes up from her sleep and realizes that it was just a dream.  Then Shano comes to her room and asks her to get ready as they have to go somewhere.  On the other side, Virat is on his way and then he sees Shano and Heer on the way.  Shano goes to Virat and tells him to forget everything.  And asks him to remember their love.  Shano says that Heer is a beautiful, gentle person and there is a lot of love between them so how can he leave Heer. 

Virat thinks in his mind that she is a eunuch and he wants to tell everything at once so that everything ends.  Virat gathers the people standing there and insults Heer in front of everyone.  Shano stops him.  Heer says why is he doing all this? Virat says because she don’t take his word seriously.  A boy standing there teases Heer.  And Virat says that if he loves her even a little bit, then he never humiliate her like this.  Heer says that she came here only because of Shano.  Heer says that one day Virat would like to come to her and ask for love and that day she will humiliate Virat.  Heer says he only seen Heer’s love but from now on he will see Heer’s hatred.  Heer leaves by saying goodbye to him.

 Virat imagines Heer in Kinnar avatar .  Shano thinks that her plan was spoiled by Virat because he doesn’t tell Heer that she is kinnar.  Heer takes Shano away from there.  After Heer leaves, Virat says that it is good that Heer will hate him now.  Shano thinks that Preeto will doubt her if she sees her and Heer together. Shano tells Heer that she will go home first and asks Heer to come home a little later.  Heer asks her the reason for this.  Shano says that if Preeto sees them together then she will get it wrong.  Heer agrees to her.

Harak is worried about Heer .  And he scolds Mahi.  Harak syas that Shano is also not here and  where she has gone?  Then Shano comes to the house.  Preeto asks her where did she go and where is Heer?  Shano says she went to get fruits and doesn’t know where Heer is.  Preeto again scolds Mahi. 

Soham comes there and calls Rohan and tells him about some social service program.  Preeto says that it’s good but don’t tell Heer anything about it.  Heer hears all this and expresses his desire to participate in the program.  And tells everyone that they no longer need to worry about her  Because now she will do exactly what they wants.

At Virat’s house, Gurminder goes to Daljeet and talks about the child.  Daljeet says that she should tell Parmeet that she cannot become a mother.  Gurminder gives him the report and says that her report is normal.  She says that now Daljit needs to go for checkup or else she will show this report to everyone.  Daljit agrees to her.

Episode ends with Heer is thinking about Virat and their sweet memories.