Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 30th March 2020 Written Update: Harak shoot Virat

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 30th March 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode begins with Harak who shoots Virat with a gun. But the bullet just passes by Virat. Harak says again, next time I’ll shoot you in real. This time I have forgiven because I know the pain of losing a young son. So go from here and tell your father that I have forgiven you once again. While on the other hand Heer asks everyone to open the door and says don’t harm Virat.

Later Shaano comes and tells her that no one is harming Virat, Harak wanted to scare him. But you know Virat well that he is not afraid of these small things, Heer says, but Shaano Grandma, what if Harak shot Virat in real, I’m so scared, I want to meet Virat. Shano say, nothing will happen you just stay here. Heer has agreed.

While Virat says to Harak that now if you don’t want to kill me then please give my life to me, give my Heer to me. Otherwise, I will not leave from here. Harak says, fine then sit here and die hungry thirsty. And then Harak asks everyone to not help Virat. Sant, on the other hand, are thinking about Virat. He thinks, how Virat denies his wealth and money and he now stands against him.

Sant says that Virat you can’t understand my love for you. Just because of a girl he left me alone. Later Virat’s brother came and tells Sant that Virat is in Harak’s house and they are beating very badly to Virat there. Sant says, do I asking about Virat then why you came here to spoil my mood. Ahead, he tells Virat’s brother that I want to see Virat paying him rate by rate so don’t let him leave Gurdaspur.

Later Virat’s grandfather also wants to leave Sant’s house but Virat’s brother stops him and says, you can’t leave from here as I know as soon as you leave from here you go to meet Virat. Virat’s grandfather tells him that your mind only has dust and dirt in it, because if I wanted to meet Virat, then I will leave from here openly because I have no reason to afraid of you guys. So stop bothering me and let me leave. Later Gurmeet asks grandfather not to leave this house but he has disagreed with her and leaves from there.

On the other side Heer give water to Virat from her window. Virat later comes to her window climbing both hold each other’s hand and lost in the eyes of each other. Heer gives him food also to eat. Both crying in pain as they are not able to live their life with each other. Virat later shares his holy rope with Heer. Heer then gives him her gold chain and asks him to sell this chain and buy some food. At first, Virat denies taking it. But Heer tells him that at this time we only have this option so please take this chain.

The episode ends with, Preeto pushes Virat from the window and he falls.

Precap: on the occasion of Karwa Chauth, Heer decides to fast for Virat.